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Giclée: What the Heck Is It?
Let's end the confusion and set the record straight. Pronounced "zhee-clay”, it’s a term based on the French verb, gicler (“to squirt”), and was coined by printmaker Jack Duganne in the early 1990s to mean any inkjet-based digital print used as fine art. Easy, right?
Love, Marriage, and a Little Bit of Wall Art
If you want to buy art for a newly married friend or family member, it doesn’t have to be an ordeal. If you’d like your friends and family members to consider giving you original art as a wedding gift, make sure to let potential gift givers know what mediums you prefer.
Why Matchy Matchy Can Be a Good Thing
Are you the girl who matches her earrings, bag, and shoes just to go to the grocery store? Perhaps you're the guy who hangs your business shirts by cut and color. People might tease you and call you OCD, but in the end, your matchy matchy tendencies can be a great asset when it comes to choosing original art for your home.