Why buy original art from Zatista? We'll tell you here
Life In The Fast Lane Life In The Fast Lane
When life is moving at break neck speed, it's especially important to slow down and enjoy the artwork surrounding you. These quiet moments are important so make sure it counts with great original artwork. Look around your house and be honest about what could use an upgrade. If those pieces seem pricey to replace, then save up to replace them with the right piece of original art. You'll be glad you did. See some of our favorites here today!
Giclée: What the Heck Is It?
Let's end the confusion and set the record straight. Pronounced "zhee-clay”, it’s a term based on the French verb, gicler (“to squirt”), and was coined by printmaker Jack Duganne in the early 1990s to mean any inkjet-based digital print used as fine art. Easy, right?
Buying Art? Go Original.
Have you ever bought a print, and it's nice – it fills the empty space on the wall. But after a while you barely see it hanging there anymore, and it's sitting a little crooked but you just don't care. Art is not supposed to be like that!
What Can Be Bought and Sold on Zatista?
Zatista is being created as a destination where art buyers can find truly original works of art, as well as special limited and signed editions of “re-produceable” pieces. There are plenty of sites out there to buy prints created in unlimited numbers in the hundreds and thousands, but we aim to provide buyers with one-of-a-kind and […]