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New Art For The New Year

A New Day by Fikry Botros $520

We just moved to a new state this week and are waiting on our furniture to arrive, but I’m already thinking of all of the new ways I want to decorate. We have a new home which means the walls are blank canvases, and we all know how fun it is to decorate a new space!

Victoria by Allan P Friedlander $480

There’s no need to wait for a move to redecorate, though. I get restless with the art in my home throughout the year and am constantly changing it up, but the first of the year often seems like a good time to start fresh. After all, it’s the time of the year where we sit down and make a list of changes to aim for, so why not change up your art too? These are some of my personal favorites right now.

Meadow 292 by Jon Bidwell $59

I’m a lover of captured nature and the country-rustic feel, like Jon Bidwell’s “Meadow 292.”

When We Row by Jon Glaser $500

Being outdoors is kind of my thing too, and with that, I love to wake up to peaceful art. “When We Row” by Jon Glaser encompasses both my love of the outdoors and the peacefulness of kayaking, making it the perfect art to wake up to.

Drizzles II by Nestor Toro $600

Aside from beautiful photography, I love to add splashes of bold color with abstract art. “Drizzle II” is a new favorite of mine with its piercing blue. Have you considered redecorating for the New Year? Check out all of the new art at Zatista.com to help you start fresh this year!


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