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Playful Inspiration

Do you ever wonder why we’ve become so boring when it comes to designing kids’ playgrounds? Here’s a peek at a few play spaces around the world that inspire me:

Blaxland Riverside Park - Sydney, Australia

When I see pictures like this and imagine the fun that would ensue, I get inspired. This inspiration reminds me of being wowed by really great art – whether in a museum, gallery or on my own walls.

Blaxland Riverside Park - Sydney, Australia

That feeling of being inspired, no matter where it comes from, is an important thing to feel in life.

Blaxland Riverside Park - Sydney, Australia

I try to capture it however you can, whether on the play ground or in a museum.

Youth Factory - Merida, Spain

Creativity makes the world go round.

Sculptural Playground - Wiesbaden, Germany

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