Why buy original art from Zatista? We'll tell you here
Do I need to insure my artwork for shipment?
Yes, Zatista requires you to insure all items you ship. As a seller, you are responsible for the item to arrive safely and in good condition to the buyer. If the item arrives damaged or is lost in shipment and you have not insured the item, you may not receive full or any payment for […]
How do I know what to charge for shipping?
To get a general sense of how much shipping items to various locations might cost, please use shipping calculators available on all shipping company websites. On the listing page, we have provided links to all of our approved carriers so you can easily get estimated rate quotes for various shipping locations.
What if the buyer chooses to return the item?
All purchases on Zatista are 100% guaranteed which means that if a buyer is unhappy with an item for any reason, they have the right to return that item within 10 days of receiving it. Because of this, we encourage you to make sure you accurately describe the item and provide good quality photographs with […]
Can buyers contact me with questions about an item?
Yes, buyers will be able to send you a message at any time through the Zatista system. You will receive an email notification with the message and it will appear in your message center as well. You are then free to log in and reply to the message. In order to protect the privacy of […]