Why buy original art from Zatista? We'll tell you here
Can I edit my profile?
Yes. You can edit your profile at any time. In fact we encourage you to keep it up to date with any new exhibitions, additional education, or even just a new photo.
Why is it important to have a good profile?
A very important part of buying something original and one-of-a-kind is knowing about the artist behind the work. Your profile gives prospective art buyers a way to connect with you and understand a little bit about your influences, experience, and what makes you tick as an artist. Knowing this brings extended meaning to the art […]
Where can I put my biography?
The various sections of the profile are meant to create a good “biography” but feel free to use the artist statement section to provide additional biographical information that you think would be useful for Zatista members.
What should be included in an artist profile?
Your artist profile is the most important tool to let prospective buyers know about you. Please be as thorough as possible when filling out your profile. We have provided various sections as a guide to help you complete a good profile. If you have information that you think Zatista members might be interested in but […]