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How To Hang Art

Whether you are hanging a single, large painting or a grouping of smaller pieces, here are 5 easy steps to getting it right the first time:

Step 1: Hold each piece of artwork from its hanging wire and measure the distance from the center of the wire to the top of the artwork. Write these measurements down.

Step 2: Trace and cut out a template of each piece of artwork, using newspaper or brown utility paper. Measure the same distance from the top of the template that you wrote down in Step 1 and mark this spot on the template with a pencil.

Step 3: Using small pieces of masking tape, hang the template(s) on the wall, experimenting with different arrangements until you find one that satisfies you. This will eliminate unnecessary nail holes.

Step 4: Once you have settled on the exact arrangement, leave the templates on the wall and place the hanging hardware into the wall – going directly through the spots that you marked with a pencil in Step 2.

Step 5: Remove the paper template and hang your artwork on the hook.


A Few More Tips:

  • When hanging art on a wallpapered wall, try cutting a small “v” in the paper with a razor or utility knife. Lift the “v” and attach the picture hanger under it. If you decide to move the picture at a later date, remove the picture hanger and glue the “v” shaped flap of paper back down.
  • When hanging art on a plastered wall, try placing masking tape over the spot where you want to hang your artwork. Attach your hanger hardware directly through the tape. This can help prevent the wall from chipping.
  • When hanging multiple pieces of artwork side-by-side, use the width of your hand as a guide for spacing between the pieces. Leaving too much space between pictures can make them feel disconnected.
  • When hanging artwork on a brick or masonry wall (or hanging heavier artwork), you will need to use a wall anchor. First, drill a hole using a special masonry bit and insert a plaster or metal wall anchor. Then drive a screw into the anchor, leaving a space between the wall and the screw head for the hanging wire of your artwork.