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To Frame, Or Not To Frame

While framing is not a requirement for all artwork, there are many reasons to consider a quality mat and frame for your purchase. Frames can offer structural support, quality mats and UV-glass can help preserve the work for years to come, and the right combination of mat and frame transform that special piece from ordinary to extraordinary. If you are considering framing the work, below are some considerations. Keep in mind that these are simply suggestions. The important thing is that the finished product enhances, rather than detracts, from the artwork.

Frame & Matting Size

Size and proportion are important when selecting the right frame and mat. Mats should be wider than the width of the frame, typically with four inches being the average mat width. The mat should be a little wider on the bottom (this is called “weighting”) to create an optical balance that will be pleasing to the eye. Small paintings or drawings can look very striking with very wide frames and/or mats.

The size of the frame is also a factor when making your selection. Generally, wider frames are used on larger artworks and thinner frames are used for smaller artworks. Thin frames are also a popular selection when creating a grouping of multiple images with the same frame. Thin to medium-width frames also tend to put more emphasis on the artwork itself.