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Caring For Your Art

Basic Preservation Techniques

Whether the value of your artwork is monetary or sentimental, you want to be sure to protect and preserve it properly. We recommend these basic preservation techniques for all of your valued artwork, regardless of purchase price.

Eliminate dampness – Dampness is the number one enemy of all original artwork, framed or unframed. If you live in a damp climate, eliminate excess moisture in your home by installing a dehumidifier.

Avoid direct sunlight – Artwork can easily be damaged by excessive direct sunlight. When possible, avoid hanging pieces in locations where they will receive several hours of direct sunlight a day. When framing a piece, choose glass that has a UV protective coating.

Check the backing paper – Check the backs of framed portraits to see that the backing paper is secure and has no holes in it. Backing paper is there to keep insects and mold spores away from the art. If you need to replace or repair the paper, take it to a professional frame shop for repair.

Use archival grade mats – Mats are pieces of cardboard or rag board that separate the painting or drawing from the frame and glass. When possible choose acid free, 100% cotton archival grade matting. This type of matting will not break down the materials in your painting.