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Do’s and Don’ts of Art Commissions Do’s and Don’ts of Art Commissions
What better way to decorate a space and diversify your collection than with a commissioned piece of artwork? These days it is more accessible than ever to request a personalized work of art from an artist you love. And once you get comfortable and familiar with the process, you’ll find how fun it can be! […]
Postmodern Art Postmodern Art
  Postmodern art emerged in western America as a protest against the restrictive standards of modernism. This new style of art challenged modernism and embraced the idea that anything can be art. Art of this genre encourages the viewer to ask questions, to see things from new perspectives, and to bring definitions into question.   […]
Feeling Very Peri Feeling Very Peri
Pantone is iconic when it comes to color – they’re widely regarded in design, from graphic design to interiors. So it’s no wonder that every new year we look forward to finding out what Pantone has chosen for their color of the year. According to Pantone, color “has always been an integral part of how […]
5 Artists to Follow If You Love Explosive Color 5 Artists to Follow If You Love Explosive Color
Color is one of the most powerful elements in art – this is because color is the visual element that actually has the largest impact on our emotions. It’s no wonder artists have been using color and hues to express feelings for as long as art has existed! This is also what helps to create […]