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Summer Design Trends & Art to Match Summer Design Trends & Art to Match
Each year we see a shift in interior design trends — from changes in design styles and themes, to materials and trending color palettes. While a neutral, minimalist look has reigned supreme for quite a while, the design world is seeing new trends emerging that stray from this modern style. This summer’s design trends are […]
Exploring Spring Landscapes Through Art Exploring Spring Landscapes Through Art
Nature has long since been an inspiration for artists with its beautiful colors and diverse landscapes. Spring is a time of renewal, when nature is reborn after the hibernation of winter. When spring finally arrives, it’s a season of beautiful blooms and blue skies. Nowhere is spring captured more perfectly than in art.  The History […]
Spotlight on Abstract Artists Spotlight on Abstract Artists
Abstract art is one of the most expansive genres of art, encompassing a wide range of techniques and mediums. Abstract artists use a wide variety of colours, shapes and forms to evoke a feeling rather than portray a likeness.  It is a genre unlike any other because it is entirely subjective and open to interpretation. […]
Art And Animals Art And Animals
Since the dawn of time animals have been a big inspiration for artists. Most famously, the Lascaux caves in southwestern France show detailed cave paintings from 20,000 years ago of large animals like bulls.  Today, painters are finding new and delightful ways to display animals through their art. To pay homage to earth’s amazing creatures, […]