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Art Movements: Futurism Art Movements: Futurism
Urban Deconstruction by Marcos Inácio   Futurism was both a social movement and an art movement that originated in Italy.   One sunny Thursday morning in October of 1909, Filippo Tommaso Marinetti was excited to drive his new Fiat sports car down the street of Via Domodossola in Milan, Italy. Marinetti was a poet and […]
Art Movements: Cubism Art Movements: Cubism
The discussion by Laurent Proneur   Are you looking for something unique and different? How about the mind-bending art form of cubism? It’s a style that took the world by storm and shook the art industry.  What Is Cubism? Cubist artworks are paintings made of geometric shapes and fragments that look like cubes. In Cubism, […]
Art for Autumn Art for Autumn
The Fall season is here, which brings cooler weather outside and vibrantly colored leaves on the trees.    Artists have long worked to capture the magic of Autumn – the change in the air, the fleeting colors, the warm palettes, and the shorter days.   All of the beautiful shades and landscape scenes in the […]
The Art of Painting with Acrylics The Art of Painting with Acrylics
We sometimes forget the important role that mediums play in art. Acrylic paints, a popular medium, have been used by artists for nearly a hundred years to create captivating works.   This medium is known for its fast-drying properties. Unlike oil paints, acrylics dry quickly and make it easier to paint in layers in one […]