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Seed Bombs
Daniel Phillips and Kim Karlsrud of CommonStudio are the designers of Greenaid, a candy machine which dispenses tiny round balls of clay, compost and seeds – "seed bombs." Seed bombs are considered tools in a growing guerrilla gardening movement which is a means to combating the many forgotten gray spaces we encounter everyday – from sidewalk cracks to vacant lots and parking medians.
Hands-On Art
Today, I've been craving things which are handmade (ok, chocolate too but that's another story). It's the constant crush of our high tech age which makes me want to get off the freeway, get out of the car, turn off the iPhone/Blackberry/HDTV/radio/fax/microwave/laptop and yes I'm going to say it….slow down, take time to be creative, and make something with my own bare hands. It feels goooood to consider this. Am I the only one?
Framing Nature
Here in Southern California, the late spring weather has been heavenly – pulling me outside on most days. It's the perfect season to take my three year old daughter on walks through the neighborhood. It's also a great opportunity for both of us to slow down and appreciate nature's endless marvels.