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Get Your Kicks on Route 66
The road: a rich and symbolic subject in our nation's creative history. Muse to artists, photographers, song writers, authors, and more, the road never ceases to be alluring visually or metaphorically.
The Naked Truth
I'm stunned by how much folks are willing to pay for stuff, even for artwork. Yes it's all relative, but in my world, $106.5 million dollars is a whole lot of money, even for one of Picasso's loveliest nudes.
Hold Your Horses
Collectors: Have you ever found yourself at a loss for inspiration regarding your next art acquisition? When this happens to me I look around my environment- at the seasons or various regional events, for ideas...
If You Feel Like Whistling It Must Be Spring
This week I'm excited to be witnessing the emergence of spring in my neighborhood. The temperature is rising, birds are singing, flowers are bursting thanks to recent rains, and there's a freshness in the air. Spring simply feels different. Energy has shifted and life is going on.