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International Artists Feature: Exploring Zatista Artists from 5 Countries
International Artists Feature: Exploring Zatista Artists from 5 Countries

Art is a universal language that bridges cultural and geographical boundaries. Art is used to share emotions, ideas, and stories that resonate with people from all walks of life. Regardless of where we come from, art connects us by sharing our universal human experiences. Every artist’s background and life experience is unique but when expressed through art, our emotions and experiences connect us all.

Explore Art from Around the World on Zatista

Our online art gallery is a global platform for art, hosting artists from all across the world, from the Americas, Europe, Asia, and beyond. Our diverse art collection features a wide range of artistic styles, techniques, and cultural perspectives. Explore our collection to discover talented artists worldwide.

Featured International Zatista Artists

Germany – Karin Goeppert

Karin Goeppert is an abstract artist from Berlin, Germany. In her art, she explores the subjective experience as a bridge to the objective world. Drawing inspiration from nature’s beauty and power, she transforms its forms and colors into individual expressions.

Experimentation is key to her process; she works predominantly with acrylics but also incorporates other media like oil pastels, soft pastels, spray paint, graphite, charcoal, or ink. While she attended the Art Academies of Bad Reichenhall and Augsburg, she is largely self-taught, and emphasizes the importance of maintaining her individual artistic voice.

Flowers on a different Star by Karin Goeppert

Walking with Franz by Karin Goeppert

Japan – Yuko Montgomery

Yuko Montgomery is a realism painter who lives in Nagasaki, Japan. Born in Chiba, Japan, her creative journey began to blossom during her childhood in Bangladesh. After attending Tama Art University in Tokyo for oil painting, she shifted her focus to jewelry design, launching a successful brand while in school. Inspired by the majestic nature of Nagasaki, Japan, where she now resides, Yuko returned to painting, capturing the beauty of animals with academic oil techniques.

She believes oil paint breathes life into her art, reflecting the remarkable evolution of each creature. Her works are held in private collections worldwide, and she actively supports nature conservation through art sales donations. Yuko’s art aims to showcase the universe’s beauty, believing every animal is a masterpiece deserving recognition.

Legendary Blue / Cassowary by Yuko Montgomery

Reach Out For The Sun by Yuko Montgomery

Mexico – Esteban Vera

Esteban Vera is a Mexican pop artist who is known for his vibrant street art style. His journey in art began at an early age, with a lifelong passion for drawing evolving into acrylic and mixed media paintings. Raised in Mexico, art became an essential part of his life. Despite obtaining his Law degree in 2016 and working as a tax specialist and foreign trade attorney, art isn’t just a hobby but a passion.

His main interest is to promote positive thoughts through colorful characters and shapes, aiming to evoke happiness. Influenced by artists like Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol, Jean-Michel Basquiat, he reflects a Pop/Contemporary style with bright colors and a touch of disorder. He uses different techniques like drawing, painting, and sculpture for a lively and fun approach to his art.

Dive in by Esteban Vera

Sands Symphony by Esteban Vera

La Réunion – Theophile Delaine

Theophile Delaine is an abstract artist who lives on the far-flung island of La Réunion, a French department in the Indian Ocean. After completing artistic studies in Paris, he has been painting across the globe for over 20 years. From Crete to Benin, he then spent over a decade in Madagascar before settling on Reunion Island, where the diverse landscapes inspire him greatly.

Delaine deciphers the language of nature’s shapes and colors, using them as a mode of expression, aiming to capture the essence of existence and his own emotions. His paintings are snapshots of his soul, representing questions, doubts, discoveries, and the mystery of the world as he perceives it.

The misanthrope’s refuge by Theophile Delaine

Correspondences opus VIII by Theophile Delaine

Greece – Eleni Denart

Eleni Denart is an abstract expressionist artist from Athens, Greece. Encouraged by the motto “Follow your dreams, work hard, never give up,” her artistic journey began 25 years ago with murals, evolving into a passion for fluid organic art. Exploring abstract styles brought a sense of freedom and joy, inspired by her emotions and color palettes.

After leaving a full-time teaching job in engineering, she dedicated herself to art, constantly innovating to find her unique style. Experimenting with metallic effects and her favorite color, gold, her art reflects contemporary influences from architecture and interior design. Her artwork can be found in private collections in 25 countries worldwide.

Athena of Zeus by Eleni Denart

Dark Flora by Eleni Denart

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