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Get to Know Abstract Expressionist Artist Nestor Toro
Get to Know Abstract Expressionist Artist Nestor Toro

Nestor Toro is an abstract expressionist artist based out of Los Angeles, California. His vibrant abstract artwork is renowned by international art collectors, with his work being found in private collections in over 20 countries. He describes his art style as contemporary abstract expressionist with an emphasis on gestural movements and unique color palettes.

Exploring the Artist’s Background

Toro’s foray into art first started while living in Argentina. Having always been drawn to artistic expression, he decided to teach himself how to paint. After a few years of practice, his medium evolved from watercolors and paper to acrylic paints and large canvases. When he returned to Los Angeles in 2013, he brought with him hundreds of paintings and first offered his work for sale the following year.

When asked how his work has evolved over the years, Toro says “Over the years my canvases have consistently increased in size. I have also continued to experiment with different mediums and incorporate them into my daily work. I now hand mix the majority of paint that I use so that the color palette is unique to that particular painting. This process gives each piece its own one of a kind energy.”

The Artistic Process

Toro’s studio space is conveniently located in his living space in West Hollywood, which allows him the ability to paint any time inspiration strikes – day or night. He believes that creativity can’t be scheduled, you have to be ready for it when it appears.

Once he begins creating a new piece, he’ll start by deciding on the size of the canvas. From there, he hand mixes his paint using various mediums to create a unique color palette for the painting. Once the work has started, he’ll continue to work on the painting, often for weeks at a time, allowing it to take direction as he goes until he is happy with the final result.

Artistic Influences

Toro has cited many different influences on his artistic endeavours, including other artists, his hobbies and travels. Iconic artists such as Wassily Kandinsky, Joan Mitchell, Jackson Pollock, Janet Sobel, Mark Rothko, and Willem de Kooning have all particularly influenced his artistic style. Toro finds many of these masters of their craft motivational in his own artistic journey.

His hobbies outside of painting include photography, a deep love for music and tropical fish keeping. He finds the care of tropical fish to inspire his creativity because of the beauty of their colors and movement. Music is another driving force behind his inspiration and shares that he can’t live or paint without it, often listening to artists such as Tori Amos as he works.

Toro shares his love for travel and how it influences his work: “One of the things that inspires me the most is international travel. There is nothing like getting out of your bubble to skew your perspective and see things in a totally different way. When I return from a trip I am always renewed and ready to put those feelings onto the canvas!”

Success as an Artist

When asked how he defines success, Toro shares his belief that success is an ever-changing goal. He views self-satisfaction as an important factor for any artist, as well as having the ability to make a living doing what they love.

“Can we be real for a moment? The “starving artist” is a romantic myth and there is nothing wrong with having your work admired enough for collectors to pay money to own your art. I am blessed to have a large number of collectors who clearly agree and I feel honored when a collector is moved enough to purchase one of my works and hang it in their home.”

Abstract Expressionist Artwork by Nestor Toro

California (Golden Dreams) by Nestor Toro

Caribbean Daydream 1 by Nestor Toro

Flickering Garden 8 by Nestor Toro

Blue Shade Panorama (Purple Radiance) by Nestor Toro

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