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Interview with Artist Nathalie Gribinski
Interview with Artist Nathalie Gribinski

How would you describe your art style?

My art navigates the realms of abstract expressionism and surrealism, fluidly adapting to the stylistic currents I explore. “The Tourlicoulis” is a hallmark of my creative journey, marked by a vivid mosaic of shapes interlaced with small, animated figures cascading across the canvas. These elements collectively celebrate the exuberance and vitality of existence. Woven throughout this lively assemblage are organic lines that inject a palpable sense of movement and flow, vivifying the scene with an irresistible allure and dynamic energy.

When and how did you take the leap into art?

My foray into painting took root in Chicago following my decision to pursue a degree in Graphic Design at Columbia College. This choice represented a stark departure from my previous studies in Civil Law in France, setting me on a path filled with unexpected discoveries and artistic exploration. My initial artistic endeavors emerged as doodles scattered throughout my design notebooks, a humble yet sincere expression of creativity.

Driven by a yearning to give these doodles life beyond the margins, I ventured into larger canvases, giving rise to “The Tourlicoulis” – a term that captures my distinct approach to conveying themes of communication and love through art. This breakthrough encouraged me to delve deeper into the art world, with a particular emphasis on abstract expressionism, marking the beginning of a journey defined by constant evolution and the pursuit of personal expression.

What inspires your work?

I find my muse in both the profound and the mundane – the allure of beauty, the warmth of kindness, love’s depth, and the intensity of emotions. The genuine connections I share and the vibrant spirit that animates me are the wellsprings of my creativity. Animals, especially my cherished cat, occupy a particular corner of my heart, offering companionship and joy. Music is pivotal in my artistic journey, serving as an emotive backdrop to my creative endeavors. It shapes the atmosphere of my studio, guiding the mood and direction of my artwork with its harmonies and beats. Each creation reflects life’s myriad inspirations, embodying the richness of my personal experiences and the external world. Amidst this mosaic of influences, my brother, a talented writer, significantly impacts my art with his insightful observations and critiques.

Who has influenced your artistic expression? This could be someone you know personally, or a public figure.

My artistic expression is deeply rooted in a tapestry of experiences and inspirations that have shaped my journey through life. The profound impact of artists like Kandinsky, Miro, Picasso, Cezanne, Van Gogh, and Klee is evident in my approach to color and form, leaving an indelible mark on my creations. The vibrant landscapes of my childhood in Provence also play a crucial role, lending their luminous energy and natural palette to my work, echoing the region’s light and beauty.

Yet, it’s not just the world around me that influences my art; the personal connections I’ve nurtured hold significant sway, particularly the relationship with my brother. His insights and critiques have guided my creative endeavors and enriched my artistic vision.

This rich mosaic of influences — from the masters of art to the natural splendor of Provence and the intimate bond with my brother — merges to define the unique aesthetic of my paintings. Together, they weave the ongoing narrative of my art, reflecting not only the external sources of inspiration but also the inner journey and the relationships that continue to shape me.

Describe your artistic process. How do you create your artwork?

My artistic method is rooted in immediacy and an instinctual connection with my medium, often bypassing the conventional sketching step to confront the canvas directly. This direct engagement fosters a creation process led by emotion, devoid of any predetermined imagery, which imbues my artwork with vibrant energy and raw, heartfelt authenticity.

Within the realm of acrylics, my technique is diverse. I sometimes opt for the tactile experience of spreading paint with a palette knife, achieving textured depths and vigorous strokes. Brushes frequently become my instrument of choice, prized for their precision and adaptability. Of late, I’ve delved into the primal, intimate act of using my hands as a painting tool, deepening the connection between my physical presence and the canvas. This hands-on method enhances the intensity of the artistic experience, promoting an unadulterated expression of my inner thoughts and emotions.

My artistic journey is characterized by a penchant for rapid execution, reflecting my approach to life marked by authenticity and transparency. With their quick-drying nature, the use of acrylic paints complements my need for a fluid and uninterrupted creative process, allowing me to capture fleeting emotions with immediacy. This alignment between my ethos and my artistic practice ensures that each piece of art is a true representation of my deepest feelings and thoughts, preserving the immediacy and authenticity of my emotional landscape within the canvas.

How has your art evolved over the years?

Throughout my artistic career, the evolution of my work has been marked by a burgeoning use of vibrant colors, uncovering the intrinsic energy that radiates from deep, saturated hues and the lively dynamics they introduce to my compositions. My exploration of art has broadened significantly, encompassing a variety of mediums such as watercolors, pastels, charcoal, pencil, ink, and markers. This exploration into diverse mediums has unveiled new avenues of artistic expression, offering perspectives and nuances that acrylics alone could not capture.

My portfolio reveals a rich tapestry of styles, a diversity that has become more pronounced with the integration of varied techniques and mediums over time. This eclectic approach mirrors my unending search for fresh means of expressing my innermost feelings and an insatiable desire for exploration. My creative journey is characterized by continuous transformation, propelled by an innate curiosity and a drive for innovation that ensures my artwork remains engaging and true to my evolving inner world. This perpetual voyage of artistic discovery keeps my art authentic and reflective of my dynamic internal experiences.

What does a typical day look like for you as an artist?

Crafting a narrative about a typical day in my life is akin to piecing together a mosaic—each day is unique. Yet, the continual progression of my artistic journey unifies all. Even when my brush remains idle, I invariably engage in activities that foster my art career, whether through creation, promotion, or both. Despite this diversity, my mornings are sanctified by a ritual: they begin with a cup of coffee, the ambiance set by music, and a moment of play with my cat.

The tempo of each day weaves its influence into my artwork. My creativity thrives on the high spirits of the day, allowing the brush to dance across the canvas with vivacity and playfulness that characterizes my work. There are days, however, when the act of creating takes a backseat, and I embrace these pauses in my creative process. Experience has taught me the value of respecting the natural rhythm of inspiration; the muse invariably finds its way back. I avoid the temptation to force creativity, knowing well that such compulsion could compromise the authenticity of my work, leaving it devoid of its intended essence and disconnected from my soul.

How do you define success as an artist?

For me, being a successful artist is rooted in sustained productivity and a profound dedication to their craft. True success transcends the mere elicitation of emotions or thoughts; it is about an artist’s unyielding commitment to exploration and refusal to be shackled by conventional perceptions of the world. The hallmark of successful artists lies in their perpetual self-reinvention, capacity to resonate with audiences through genuine authenticity, and ability to infuse their creations with an intrinsic purity.

The narrative of Van Gogh serves as a poignant reminder that genuine artistic success cannot be quantified by financial achievements alone. Instead, it is defined by an artist’s total devotion to their art and unwavering fidelity to their chosen journey. Success, in its most profound sense, is gauged by the depth and sincerity of an artist’s connection with their audience, leaving an indelible imprint that stirs deep emotional currents.

Moreover, true success bestows upon the artist the ultimate gift of freedom, mirroring the boundless nature of their creativity. This freedom is a testament to their journey and a defining characteristic of their work, illustrating the unbridled essence of their artistry.

What are some of your other interests or hobbies and how do you find they influence your art?

My love of graphic design has profoundly influenced my approach to art, especially evident in creations like the Tourlicoulis and the structured composition of my artworks. The balance and harmony design principles are pivotal in ensuring visual cohesion across my pieces.

Beyond the canvas, I immerse myself in table tennis and swimming, which are exercises for physical fitness and mediums that sharpen my mental focus and emotional equilibrium. These activities reflect the highs and lows of artistic creation, providing a sense of freedom and limitless potential that I constantly seek in my painting.

Photography has become essential to my artistic exploration, enhancing my observational skills and influencing how I perceive and construct my artwork. The discipline of capturing moments through a lens aids in fine-tuning the compositional elements of my pieces, imbuing them with a sense of harmony and meticulous framing. The amalgamation of graphic design, athletics, and photography forms a rich tapestry that informs my art, driving a pursuit of balance, concentration, and continuous innovation.

My love for writing further diversifies my creative expression, serving as an alternate avenue for artistic exploration when the paintbrush doesn’t call. This inclination led to creating and illustrating a children’s book, melding my narrative and pictorial talents. Writing acts as a bridge to my subconscious, allowing for the surfacing of ideas that later permeate my visual art. This synergy between writing and painting enhances my ability to tackle complex themes and emotions, enabling a richer storytelling experience. By intertwining textual and visual elements, I navigate through narratives that resonate deeply, crafting stories that engage audiences on various sensory and emotional dimensions.

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