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Artful Living: Refresh Your Home with Original Art
Artful Living: Refresh Your Home with Original Art

Flowers composition #9 by Dimitry Spiros

Artwork plays an important role in interior design, helping to accentuate the look and feel of any room. Hanging art offers a straightforward and effective way to spruce up your home without having to do complicated and time consuming renovations. You can pick out pieces that match your style and instantly refresh your home, giving your living space a new and distinct personality. Adding art to your living space not only enhances the aesthetics but also infuses a sense of character and warmth.

Gamma by Eleni Denart

Our Tips for Choosing Art for Your Home

Create Inspired Spaces with Artwork

Whether it’s a bold painting, beautiful landscape or eye-catching mixed media piece, artwork allows you to refresh your home effortlessly, breathing new life in a space you already know and love. Art is a practical and accessible tool in interior design, providing an easy means to inject creativity and a personal touch into your space. Here are some of our tips for refreshing your home with carefully considered art selections.

Define Your Style

Before choosing your artwork, decide on the overall style you’re trying to achieve. The best way to make your home feel like new is to change your home decor aesthetic for a refreshed ambiance. Consider the overall theme—whether it’s modern, traditional, eclectic, or minimalistic. Understanding your style will help you choose artwork that complements your decor and creates a cohesive look.

Brunch In Barcelona by Kristen Olson Stone

Choose a Bold Statement Painting

When refreshing your interior design style, don’t be afraid to go bold! Introduce an element of surprise and visual interest with an eye-catching statement piece. Whether it’s a large-scale painting or a piece with vibrant colors, they can become the focal point of a room and set the tone for the entire space. Don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through your choice of art.

Play with The Size and Proportion of Art Works

Playing with scale and proportion can change the visual flow of a space. Changing up the proportion of your decor elements can make your space feel completely different. Pay attention to the size of the artwork in relation to the available wall space and furniture. An oversized piece can be a captivating focal point, while a collection of smaller artworks can fill an empty wall without overwhelming the space. Strive for balance and harmony in scale and proportion.

Turbulent frivolity of orange by Andrada Anghel

Experiment with Color Palettes

Something as simple as changing the color palettes of your art and decor can change the entire feel of a room. Use art to introduce or accentuate a new color palette to refresh your space. Consider your desired color scheme and choose artwork that complements or contrasts with it. A carefully curated color palette can tie together different elements in your decor and create a visually pleasing atmosphere.

Rotate Your Art Seasonally

Keep your living space feeling dynamic by rotating your art seasonally. This allows you to showcase different pieces throughout the year, preventing visual fatigue and adding an element of surprise. Consider incorporating seasonal themes or colors to reflect the changing seasons and keep your home feeling fresh. Having a selection of pieces you love makes decorating your home enjoyable and keeps your decor from feeling stale.

Create a Gallery Wall of Paintings, Photographs and Prints

Break away from the conventional single-piece approach and embrace the trend of gallery walls. Collect a mix of artwork in various sizes, colors, and styles that tell a story or reflect your interests. Experiment with different frames and layouts to find a composition that adds visual interest to your space. Gallery walls are a great way to test out different artwork, and can be mixed and matched over time to create new arrangements that shake up the look of your space.

Refresh Your Home Decor with Original Artwork from Zatista

Experimenting with artwork is an easy and enjoyable way to keep your home style from feeling stale over the years. By trying out different pieces, you can express your changing personal style without making long-term commitments.

Whether you’re switching up a focal piece or playing with gallery wall setups, the process is simple and doesn’t require major changes to your home. This practical and fun approach lets you breathe new life into your home so that it reflects your ever-evolving taste and style preferences in a hassle-free way.

Our collection of original artwork is home to a large selection of pieces in every style, medium, color and size. Shop our online art gallery to find new artwork that sparks inspiration for your refreshed home decor style.

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