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Mediterranean-Inspired Art Pieces
Mediterranean-Inspired Art Pieces

Summer in the Mediterranean is a season characterized by ‘dolce far niete’ — the sweetness of doing nothing. From the sun-soaked landscapes to the languid pace of daily life, summer in the Mediterranean is a beautiful, inspiring season. Many European citizens take the month of August off to enjoy their summer vacation, often heading down to the coast or to rural properties. From the beautiful French Riviera, to the sunny Greek Islands, summer in the Mediterranean is punctuated with sunshine, great meals and relaxation.

Mediterranean-Inspired Original Artwork on Zatista

Zatista’s art curators have rounded up a series of original paintings that capture the essence of the summer in the Mediterranean. From beautiful Italian landscapes, to the bounty of local produce like olives, these pieces each feature a small slice of summer in the Mediterranean. 

Be Transported to a Lush Italian Garden

painting The Italian Garden by Kristen Olson Stone

The Italian Garden by Kristen Olson Stone

This beautiful painting by American artist Kristen Olson Stone features a courtyard in an Italian garden. The artist draws inspiration for her work from the world around her, often painting landscapes inspired by nature. “The majority of my artwork is seascapes, garden scenes and I also enjoy painting wildlife. I endeavor to paint each piece in a completely unique way from start to finish. When viewed at a close distance, the colors and texture are beautiful and interesting in their own abstract way, when viewed from a further distance, the shapes, colors and strokes of paint magically come together to reveal the painting’s subject.”

Find Inspiration in the Vibrant Streets of Santorini

Street in Santorini by Sergei Chernyakovsky

Artist Sergei Chernyakovsky is from Moldova and specializes in oil painting. This piece features the streets of Santorini, the white-washed walls accented with bougainvillea. The artist explains his work: “This original oil painting captures the unique atmosphere of the blossoming streets of Santorini, the inimitable Greek island located in the Aegean Sea. The painting depicts the most beautiful streets of this island, decorated with flowering plants that look so bright and alive against the white walls. This painting is a real work of art that recreates the unique beauty and atmosphere of Santorini. It conveys the vibrant colors and details that make this island so unique and unusual.”

Admire the Beautiful Rainbow-Hued Hills of Positano

painting Positano: Rainbow City by Valeria Radzievska

Positano: Rainbow City by Valeria Radzievska

This rainbow-hued depiction of the seaside city of Positano was painted by Ukrainian artist Valeria Radzievska. The artist’s work is heavily influenced by the world around her, and she shares what inspires her creative process: “I paint the most perfect forms created by nature – the sea element, people, plants. Everything in which there is primal wildness, freedom, and therefore beauty. I love the play of the sun on the human face, flower petals and water. I like to look for my own memories on unfamiliar streets or forest roads. Splashes of paint on canvas bring me back to that reality.”

Appreciate the Beauty of the Mediterranean Olive Tree

painting Branches d'olivier by Diana Malivani

Branches d’olivier by Diana Malivani

The Mediterranean is well-known for its olives, with most of its cuisine featuring olive oil as a key staple. This painting by artist Diana Malivani features an olive tree basked in sunlight, and is characteristic of her home country of Cyprus. Diana feels most inspired when connected to her surroundings: “A walk along the Mediterranean coast, contemplation of the high crowns of the eucalyptus and palms against the background of the setting sun, and the boundless southern sky create the illusion that the surrounding world is inexhaustible and limitless”. This is what fills her with energy and inspiration.

Walk the Vivid Street Markets of Provence

painting MARCHE PROVENCAL by Cecile Hubene

MARCHE PROVENCA by Cecile Hubene

The hustle and bustle of the markets in Provence are captured in this piece by artist Cecile Hubene. The aim of her art is to infuse the Mediterranean with kaleidoscopic color: “The paintings in the “Aquafauve Series” are drawn from memories by way of dreams. They are meant as a joyous invitation to travel in color and light to places reminiscent of the Mediterranean, in this case to share the bounty and colors of the enticing Provence markets”.

Bask Under the Palms in the Malaga Town Square

painting Square by Rinalds Vanadzins

Square by Rinalds Vanadzins

This piece by Latvian artist Rinalds Vanadzins features the beautiful coastal town of Malaga, Spain. A little about the art: “The painting showcases the unique beauty of this iconic city, capturing the essence of its bustling streets, bustling plazas, and architectural masterpieces. The central focus of the piece is a bustling square, with people moving about, the hustle and bustle of city life. The square is surrounded by towering buildings, showcasing the city’s rich history and cultural heritage.”

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The Mediterranean is a diverse and beautiful region of Europe that has inspired many artists. Our collection of original paintings features a variety of works that capture the essence of the summer in the Mediterranean. If you’re looking to purchase a Mediterranean-inspired painting, or you would like to browse the rest of our ever-growing collection, visit Zatista.

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