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5 Common Myths About Starting An Art Collection
5 Common Myths About Starting An Art Collection

There are many myths surrounding becoming an art collector. For a long time, collecting art was reserved for the wealthy. Today, owning and collecting original paintings and other artworks has become more accessible. It’s easy to order art online and find a piece you love – whether that’s an oil painting from Canada or an acrylic work from France. The digital world and e-commerce have changed the way we build our art collections and eliminated many of the barriers to entry that previously existed.

However, there are still many myths that surround starting an art collection. Let’s explore them.

1. You Need An Art Degree To Start Collecting

You don’t need to be an art history buff or have a degree in fine arts to enjoy art. One of the beauties of owning art is that you don’t need to be an expert – you can collect based on your personal tastes, how the art makes you feel, and how you’d like it to fit into your space.

You may not be particularly interested in learning all of the complexities behind a specific genre, or the techniques that go along with it, and that’s okay. (But if you’re interested in that, that’s great!) What matters most is how it makes you feel. You don’t need knowledge on how to feel mournful, joyful or nostalgic towards an art piece, you already do that automatically. The question is, do you want it in your collection?


 ENCHANTMENT by Irini Karpikioti 


2. You Need Deep Pockets To Be Able To Afford It

Art collecting is no longer reserved for the wealthy. Sure, if you’re looking to buy a Picasso or a Van Gogh, it’ll be nearly impossible unless you are in the 1% of the population who can afford it. However, you can find original art at a variety of price points, from under $1000 and upwards. Plus, there is no rush to amass art all at once. You can build your collection over time in the way that feels best for you and your budget.

3. All Art You Purchase Must Be An Investment

If your entire reason for wanting to start an art collection is purely because you want to make a financial investment, you may be disappointed. Buying art for the sake of making a profit is similar to investing in stocks. There are degrees of risks and unpredictability, especially since the art market goes by its own rules and prices fluctuate regularly. 

Even if you take into consideration market trends, find the most promising new artists, the history of art pieces, and keep an eye on prestigious auctions like Sotheby’s, there is no formula that’ll guarantee significant returns on an art piece. 

Buy it because you love it. It’s as simple as that. 


 Aesthetics Chaotic by Marcos Inácio


4. You Must Have A Big Collection To Qualify As An Art Collector

You don’t need to have a collection of 50+ art pieces or even a large space to put them in to be considered a collector. All you need is a big sense of passion. If you only own one or two pieces of art and are carefully considering your next one, it just makes you a more conscious collector. 

No matter how big your collection is, you are a crucial part of the art world as you support an artist’s career and encourage them to create more.


NYC Empire State Building night I by Martin Köster


5. You Have To See It In An Art Gallery

With the power of new technology like AI, virtual viewing rooms and great cameras, we can see art pieces in all their glory without having to be there in person. In light of COVID, art has become more accessible than ever. 

You can see art online on places like Instagram, YouTube and online art galleries (like Zatista!). 


 Fall River at Estes Park by Leslie White

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