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Four New Artists On Zatista
Four New Artists On Zatista

Artists have the awe-inspiring job of colouring our lives and helping us express ourselves to the rest of the world in so many creative ways. Our curated collection of art is ever evolving – and so is our list of talented Zatista artists!

Our expert art curators are regularly seeking out new artists to join our gallery – whether they are up and coming artists, or established artists. Either way, we are always pleased to be able to showcase a talented artist’s work.

Let’s meet four new artists on Zatista! They are passionate about what they do and have created works you will surely love.


Dane Shue


by Dane Shue


by Dane Shue


Dane Shue is an artist based in Dallas, Texas and specializes in contemporary pop art. His work is greatly influenced by artists like Andy Warhol and Robert Rauschenberg along with the Pop Art Movement and Postmodernism.


“I create vibrant paintings and mixed media artworks using gestural painting and printmaking techniques. My work evokes nostalgia and happiness.”

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Gardani Art


by Gardani Art


by Gardani Art


Gardani was born in Quito, Ecuador but is now based in Miami, Florida.  

He is entirely self-taught and had his first solo exhibition at a young age in his native town, Quito. After that, he realized creating art was what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. But he knew in order to fulfill that dream he had to leave his country. 

Throughout all of his works, Gardani remains true to his spirit of enjoying art in the style of Magic Realism which he has been practicing for more than twenty years. This style was inspired by artists like Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Frida Kahlo, Caravaggio and Rembrandt. 

Some of his paintings come straight from his mind and photo references, but he prefers to work with live models. He has experimented with many concepts and styles like pop sculptures, still lifes, animals, landscapes, contemporary abstracts, portraits, his renowned figurative paintings and most recently his colourful pop-urban artworks.

His works have been exhibited in prestigious art galleries in the United States, Europe, and Central and South America. He has also been commissioned by many private collectors throughout his career. 

As a Latino Artist, he reflects his Spanish Heritage in his Paintings with techniques used by the contemporary masters in present days, like Salvador Dali, mixed with a bit of the colours of a variety of cultures he has experienced throughout his life. This has undoubtedly given him richness in his sense of life and the will to celebrate it through his beautiful artworks.



“My art is a celebration of beauty in the everyday simple things. A celebration in slow-motion of the perfect harmony of the human figure. My goal is to push myself to explore new Contemporary Art ideas and find modern techniques to create a wide range of the most beautiful artworks of Pop Art”.

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Albert Kechyan


by Albert Kechyan


by Albert Kechyan


Albert has had a passion for art since he was a child and finally decided to pursue it seriously at the age of 20.

He graduated from the Armenian State Pedagogical University (Faculty of Art Education) and began his career at the Armenian Post as a stamp designer. After many years of creative work, he produced more than 100 Armenian stamps.

He also participated in a number of exhibitions including Philatelist’s and is a member of the Artist’s Union of Armenia. You can find his paintings in collections around the world.


“For me the most inspirational source is God’s Creation, whose beauty I want to show in my paintings, trying to convey positive emotions to the people.”

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Luca Brandi


by Luca Brandi


by Luca Brandi


Luca Brandi began his art journey at the young age of 9 in 1970 with master painter Romolo Prati. They worked together on paintings in the churches of his homeland, Florence, Italy.

During the 1980’s he learned abstract painting with master painter Paolo Galletti. In 1984 he had his first solo exhibition where he started his professional career with various exhibitions in Italy.

In 2013 he had his first exhibition at Lucca Museum for Contemporary Art. At the same time, he went abroad for exhibitions in Germany.

His work is now in collections in 11 different countries including the US, UK and Australia.

He’s also been interviewed and featured in art magazines and art blogs on the web which led him to share his work online. 


“My paintings reflect a soul travelling for centuries in the search of his past love…silence and beauty…at the same time, the spectator is invited to share this travel with their own soul.

Materials are very important for me, that’s why I use only linen canvases, aluminum reinforced wood stretches and Acrylic…this material is durable and anti-warp, the best in the world.”


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