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New Artists on Zatista
New Artists on Zatista

Zatista is home to both emerging and established artists from around the world who are sharing their beautiful works of art. Our collection is made up of thousands of pieces from artists who work with different genres including abstract art, impressionist art, realist art, contemporary art and more. Our goal is and has always been to make it easier to own and collect original works of art, and when you do so, you are directly supporting a working artist to continue to do what they love.

Our curated collection is always growing, with new paintings and other art works added every day. We are also always looking for new artists to join the Zatista community. Take a look at these new artists who’ve recently joined Zatista! You’re sure to love their works.


Basel Dahman

Based in Cairo, Egypt


Distorted Hope by Basel Dahman
Painting, Oil on Canvas
17.7 inch x 13.8 inch


Feeling Numb by Basel Dahman
Painting, Oil on Canvas
17.7 inch x 13.8 inch


Syrian-born artist Basel Dahman graduated from the painting and drawing department of the faculty of fine arts in Syria in 2019. Today, he works and lives in Cairo, Egypt and paints breathtaking, emotion-driven art works.


I am a Syrian artist who witnessed firsthand the casualties of the Syrian Civil War. I use my artwork to capture the immense emotions felt while living in war-torn Syria.

My artwork is a combination of expressionism, figurativism with an abstract tone. My primary focus is the human body and human emotion. Through my artwork, I capture intense emotions felt by the Syrian people during the war that are otherwise suppressed due to the state of oppression that they live in.


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Darlene Winfield

Based in Peterborough, Canada


For Canadian self-taught artist Darlene Winfield, the world is her classroom. She has travelled to England, Indonesia, Mexico, visiting the museums, galleries, and historical sites to inspire her artistry. 


I am an emotional painter who is very attached to impressionistic painting. The way it is possible to immerse myself in the buttery strokes is just a joy for me. At times I will use a brush, knife or my hands if I feel it will produce the message I wish to share with the world.

It has always been a goal to become a full-time artist and despite a long and winding road to becoming a full-time artist, it happened. I believe I was around five years old sitting at the kitchen table when I realized people were artists for a career, and I thought ‘I will do that some day’.

My palette is connected to my emotions. My approach to a series is always attached to something that is going on in the world or my own world. I always use blue and white somewhere in my paintings. These two colors are symbolic for me. White is full of hope and open to anything. Space and dreams live in white. Blue is a colour that I love. It encompasses all types of feelings and can visually change the mood of a painting for me.


Moon Beams by Darlene Winfield
Painting, Oil on Canvas
48.0 inch x 48.0 inch


Postcard from the Sky by Darlene Winfield
Painting, Oil on Canvas
48.0 inch x 48.0 inch


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Andrey Chebotaru

Based in Kyiv, Ukraine


Ukrainian artist Andrey Chebotaru combines impressionist, modern and realist styles to create his oil paintings. He studied art at the Ukraine National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture. In his works, he uses impasto alla prima and brushstroke techniques, often incorporating a palette knife to add expressive texture.


The main theme of my work is the image of the beauty and splendor of nature. My source of energy and strength is the landscape. With my creativity I want to convey to the world the beauty and uniqueness of every minute spent in harmony with nature. I believe that with my creativity I can demonstrate positive energy that is transmitted to people.

“There is a logic of color, and it is it alone, and not the logic of reason, that the artist should follow.”


The bridge by Andrey Chebotaru
Painting, Oil on Canvas
31.0 inch x 21.0 inch


Sunflowers bloom by Andrey Chebotaru
Painting, Oil on Canvas
55.0 inch x 70.0 inch


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Peter Justl

Based in Palm Desert, USA


German-born artist Peter Justl spent his early career working as an architect and designer, working with high-profile retail stores like Versaca, Dolce & Gabana and more. He also had a career in architectural illustration, and in the 90s he began painting commissioned works for private clients – first in watercolors, later moving into oil paints. Over the years his interests in subjects have expanded from architecture to include seascapes, still lifes, portraits and animals.


I enjoy painting each subject and have found that all paintings share the common components and elements of light, color, composition, technique and emotion in order to be considered, at least by me, to be meaningful and successful. I believe that realistic painting, done well, can satisfy both the modernist and the traditionalist, but I detest the saccharine qualities so often found in the genre. I’m interested in creating art that provokes profound feelings, thought, and boundless joy.


Preparing for the Competition by Peter Justl
Painting, Oil on Canvas
30.0 inch x 30.0 inch


Dinner at Marche Bacchus by Peter Justl
Painting, Oil on Canvas
18.0 inch x 24.0 inch


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