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The Story Behind The Piece

Contemporary Landscape by Cristina Stefan $630

Most artists create their art through what inspires them. This could be channeled through a personal story, the work of another artist, or something as simple as the scenery. When buying art, I encourage you to read about what inspired the artist to create the piece. Often times, the story behind the piece makes the art speak to me even more!

Lapith by Derek Overfield $635

“Lapith” by Derek Overfield was inspired by the “myth of the Centauromachy, or battle with the Centaurs at the wedding celebrations of the Lapiths.” Much of his influence for his work comes from the classical and romantic times, thus inspiring works such as these.

Float I by Heidi Carlsen-Rogers $605

“Float I” by Heidi Carlsen-Rogers, on the other hand, was inspired by a fond memory from her childhood. She says, “When I was growing up, I spent countless summers on the beach in Connecticut with my family.  When the tide was low, I loved looking through the water and seeing all of the shells and pebbles laying on the sandy bottom and remembering how the water seemed to glide over everything so gracefully.”

Patagonia 2 by Michael Filonow $185

“Patagonia 2” by Michael Filonow is a photograph where he tries to “take a unique approach to view something common as uncommon.” Here, it is clear to see that he was inspired by the boats at shore and the scene behind them.

Between the Worlds by Jan and Jo Moore $975

When you view art, it’s always interesting to question or dive a little into the story behind the piece. At Zatista, there are plenty of stories to be told in every kind of art form. What inspires you? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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