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The INSIDE OUT Project

Described as a “global art project transforming messages of personal identity into works of art,” the INSIDE OUT project encourages any citizen of the world – man, woman, elder, child, religious or not, to share their face. By sharing our portrait, it is believed we are sharing our message.

"Rising Souls, Haiti: the resilience of Haitians," Port of Prince, Haiti, www.jr-art.net

Inspired by renowned street artist, JR, the project brings coworkers, activists, friends and communities together by asking them to create a group action. A statement to define who they are, and what they are standing up for. A group could be as little as five people, or bring together an entire city, like the group action witnessed in New York’s Time Square this past month.

INSIDE OUT Project in Time Square, New York City, www.insideoutproject.net

INSIDE OUT has reached the far corners of the world. Meaning we, the citizens, are standing up for what we believe in. Some of the outstanding group actions are standing up to issues of oppression, apartheid, gender-based violence, youth-based violence, and climate change.

INSIDE OUT's locations, www.insideoutproject.net

INSIDE OUT’s project “Esperanza” (meaning hope) was a collective action that brought to light the faces of mothers in Caracas, Venezuela, whose children were victims of violence.

The Mother's of Caracas, Venezuela, www.insideoutproject.net

In Afghanistan, the INSIDE OUT project meant lifting the stigma that the media has laid out of what living in this country is really like. Collaborating with ISAF HQ, the people of Kabul proved that there is in fact happiness in the neighbourhoods – laughter can be heard, and living in Afghanistan is something to be celebrated.

INSIDE OUT Kabul, Kabul, Afghanistan, www.insideoutproject.net

JR’s innovative project has even landed in the Arctic, as activists of the #savethearctic movement created a massive eye at the top of the world, trying to rid the icy land of the destructive industries that are encroaching.

The Eye on top of the World, the Arctic, www.insideoutproject.net

Another project facilitated by JR, Face 2 Face has been his largest illegal call to action yet. Meeting people on both sides of the separation wall, in Israel and Palestine, JR pasted massive portraits along the separation wall on both sides of the conflict. Groups of portraits were posted together of people – from either side – doing the exact same job. One pasting presents passers-by with the face of a rabbi, an imam and a priest; another with the face of a Palestinian cook, and his equal on the Israeli side.

The Holy Triptych, Seperation Wall in Bethlehem, Palestine, www.insideoutproject.net

INSIDE OUT is putting all of us face-to-face. With our own issues, and maybe the ones we haven’t opened our eyes up to yet. Anyone can take part, so perhaps this is our call to action. What are we standing up for, yelling about, whole-heartedly caring about? Let’s paste!

“I wish for you to stand up for what you care about by participating in a global art project, and together we’ll turn the world… INSIDE OUT.”  – JR


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