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The Artist’s Palette

Palette No. 1 from Thatslikewhoa.com

In more than one place on the internet I’ve recently seen images purportedly of famous artists’ actual working palettes. I am not certain of the original source or even whether these are authentic artifacts.

Palette No. 2 on Thatslikewhoa.com

If you are a better fact checker than I, and can learn more than I did, please let me know. For those of you who have not stumbled upon them yet via Google, here are some of them for your consideration.

Palette No. 3 on Thatslikewhoa.com

Whether or not these are genuine, I like the idea of being able to mentally reconstruct master painters’ works by examining where they literally came from.  At the very least, they make an interesting conversation starter.

Palette No. 4 on Thatslikewhoa.com

If I and whoever else stumbles on these images had not already seen the names of the artists below the images, it would have been a nice challenge, even a fun party game, especially among more art-minded friends, to try to guess the artist by their colors and how they are applied.

Palette No. 5 on Thatslikewhoa.com

Which is why I have left off the names until the end of this post, in case you would like to try your luck.

Palette No. 6 on Thatslikewhoa.com

Warning: stop here if you still want to guess!

The artists are, in order:

Van Gogh

Paul Gauguin

Gustave Moreau

Georges Seurat

Eugene Delacroix

Edgar Degas

How did you do? Let us know here on WallSpin.

Brian Sylvester is a guest blogger on WallSpin, and an artist on Zatista.



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  1. Olivia Beaumont
    March 8, 2013 at 4:02 am

    I really enjoyed examining this collection! Thanks for the great post!

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