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Following Artists on Instagram

Who do you follow on Instagram? Friends? Family? Strangers? Artists?

Jose Parla on Instagram

According to Art News, “Instagram is just photos, quick and easy. Reblogging is impossible, captions are minimal, and so are comments. It’s all about the image. And (unless accounts are private) anyone can follow along.”

Hank Willis Thomas on Instagram

Art News continues, “That’s why it’s so alluring a format for artists to share their output, their esthetic, and their obsessions. Familiar names in the Instagram directory include Wangechi Mutu, Takashi Murakami, Ai Weiwei, KAWS, Ryan Trecartin, Erik Parker, Brooke Dunn Parker, Dzine, Renee Cox, Friends with You, Shepard Fairey, Sofia Maldonado, Zoe Strauss, JR, Os Gêmeos, and Sanford Biggers. Some of these artists’ feeds are more casual, some more curated, some more personal, some more promotional. Most are a mix of everything.”

Shinique Smith on Instagram

Below, Art News mentions more artists on Instagram, including their subjects:

  • Toyin Odutola posts portraits of herself, her family, and her friends.
  • Ryan McGinness took advantage of the Instagram format to create a new body of work. His feed consists of “grams”: phrases or ideas culled from his sketchbooks and matched with an appropriate typeface.
  • Laurie Simmons: images of her husband, daughter, and her own work from her 2001-4 “Instant Decorator” series.
  • Faile in the studio (working on their New York City Ballet collaboration) and beyond

Daniel Arsham on Instagram

  • Olek, the artist whose medium is crochet.
  • Nikki S. Lee, whose medium is self-portraits.
  • Gary Baseman posts photos, paintings, drawings, and other pictures that can “have the viewer learn something personal about me during the course of my day.”
  • Face time with Kenny Scharf.
  • Paige Dansinger uses her finger to recreate famous artworks.

What artists do you follow on Instagram? Share your favorites with us here on Zatista!



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