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A Matter of Taste

Gilded Guardian, Grand Palace, Bangkok by David Page on Zatista.com

We all know what it is about a work of art that appeals to us when we’re wandering through a museum, an outdoor art market, or even someone else’s home. We can pass right by one object or image that might be a favorite of critics or the public, perhaps even historically or culturally significant, and be drawn instead to something else no one else seems to notice.

Caley IX by Marie Vlasic on Zatista.com

When it comes to art, there really is no accounting for taste. When it comes to choosing art for your home, the process and its results couldn’t be more individual. Just because a work of art is considered beautiful by some, doesn’t mean it appeals to everyone, and just because a work of art catches your eye or imagination, doesn’t mean you necessarily want it in your private living space as a permanent part of your life.

The Last Perfect Day by Ralph Verano on Zatista.com

So what is it about a specific artwork or artist that makes us say not only “I like that” but “I must have that”? Is it a purely decorative choice, a matter of the colors and style fitting in perfectly with your vision for a certain room and the unique atmosphere you want to create for yourself or your guests?

That's The Way It Is by Kevin Brewerton on Zatista.com

Or, can it go deeper than that, and become a matter of filling your walls with artwork that reflects who you are, so that anyone entering the space will know a little bit more about the person living there? Will one or two perfect pieces make the statement you are hoping to convey, or will it take a whole assorted collection of different items, maybe even additions, subtractions and rearrangements along the way, to achieve the desired effect?

Blue & Yellow by Jon Bidwell on Zatista.com

Here at Zatista, there are many artworks to admire, in a variety of colors, subjects, media and styles, but making the commitment to bring one of them into your home is a big decision, and highly personal. So, look, enjoy, take your time, and see what calls out to you and you alone as just that piece you can’t live without.

Brian Sylvester is a guest blogger on WallSpin, and an artist on Zatista.


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