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The Naked Truth

Oh darn, someone just bought that Picasso I’d been wanting…

Tom Wesselmann "Blue Nude No. 3" Gallery Fluegel-Roncak

But seriously, here we are in a global recession and another record sale of fine artwork just occurred at Christie’s. It’s mind boggling.

Daniel Cullen "Bodyshape 1" zatista.com

I’m stunned by how much folks are willing to pay for stuff, even for artwork. Yes it’s all relative, but in my world $106.5 million dollars is a whole lot of money, even for one of Picasso’s loveliest nudes.

Tavish Costello "Classical Graffiti II" zatista.com

Trust me, I love fine art and I wouldn’t mind owning a Picasso, but a person could buy a lot with $106.5 million dollars. That’s 580 Aston Martin DB9s, 3 extremely expensive private Greek islands, or 500 round-trip tickets to outer space on Virgin Galactic.

Agata Czeremuszkin-Chrut "Standing, Smoking 2008" zatista.com

Since I’m not Ms. Moneybags at Christie’s, and most of us aren’t made of dollars, let’s go shopping for a less expensive nude. Here you’ll see some more affordable choices I discovered.

Sharon Sieben "Tempting" zatista.com

You can thank me later for all the money I just saved you.

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