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Hold Your Horses

Collectors: Have you ever found yourself at a loss for inspiration regarding your next art acquisition? When this happens to me I look around my environment- at the seasons or various regional events, for ideas. Having just spent several months well below the Mason-Dixon Line in our nation’s South, a phenomenon that has recently peaked my interest is The Kentucky Derby.

Bruce Wilhelm "White Horse" zatista.com

Widely considered the most prestigious horse race in the world and also known as “The Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports”,  ladies and gentlemen this is Derby Season.

Deborah Butterfield "3597" Zolla Lieberman Gallery

In addition to the race itself, I am intrigued by the number of traditions which play a large role in the Derby atmosphere. The Mint Julep for instance, is the traditional beverage of the race. Also, ‘burgoo’, a thick stew of meat and vegetables, is a popular Kentucky dish served at the Derby.

Jonathan Adler Horse

I have also heard that the infield, a spectator area inside the track, offers general admission prices but little chance of seeing the race. Instead, revelers show up in the infield to party with abandon. On the other hand, “Millionaire’s Row” refers to the expensive box seats that attract the rich, the famous and the well-connected. And apparently it’s quite well known that women attend The Derby in expensive outfits lavishly accessorized with large, elaborate hats. I’m fascinated by all of this and I hope to experience it in person some day.

Krista Harris "Night in Shining Armour" zatista.com

In a nutshell, this is a fine example of how I become interested in various styles of art. In this case inspiration just happens to come from time spent in southern thoroughbred country.

Walter Mosley "Carriage Ride" zatista.com

Lucky for me, horses are a popular motif in art and have appeared in works of art throughout history so options are plentiful.

Tracie Koziura "Free Spirit" zatista.com

I’ve seen equine subject matter in art collections everywhere from museums to galleries to private collections and I’m inspired to find an image of a horse to call my own. I’m not sure what the medium will be, but that’s the fun of the chase.

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  1. Jan
    May 23, 2010 at 5:51 pm

    I am looking for inspiration for collecting, too. Probably something to do w/horses. After 50+ years of having nothing to do w/horses, I took up riding lessons and I love to photograph my instructor working her horses. I’m still timid about riding, but I love to be around the horses. Magnificent creatures!

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