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Fair Thee Well

Greetings, art fans! Thinking of heading to an art fair this year?

Photo: David LaChapelle, Gaga Book

I find art fairs appealing for a few reasons, including:

  • Safety in Numbers: art fairs draw crowds, which is a good thing. You won’t be a solo shopper which often happens in a gallery setting

Photo: Lynn Saville, Night Shift

  • Lots to Look at Under One Roof: depending upon the show you choose, you’ll see a comprehensive survey of work in a variety of media

Photo: Chantal Rens

  • Maximum Exposure to Fine Art: the more experience you have viewing fine art in person, the more comfortable you will feel buying art on-line.

Photo: Michael Light, Bingham Canyon Mine

Intrigued yet? I’d like to hit a contemporary photography fair this year so I’m sharing some of that imagery with you here.

Photo: Curtis Mann "Thought, Collective (somewhere, Israel)"

  • Fotofest 2010 Biennial in Houston focusing on contemporary US photography runs thru April 25
  • Art Chicago focusing on contemporary and modern art the weekend of April 30
  • The Whitney Biennial in New York thru May 30. The 75th edition of the museum’s signature exhibition of contemporary art
  • SCOPE Hamptons featuring emerging contemporary art is practically around the corner if you’re at the beach this July
  • If you can handle 10+ fairs at once try going to Miami, December 1-5.
  • Click here for a list of events this year.

Photo: Carla Cioffi

Photo: Karen Leach

Photo: David A. Parker

Art fairs whet my appetite for new inspirations and remind me of work I’ve loved for a long time. Try it out. Surrounding yourself with all that creativity may be just the motivation you need to invest in your own collection of original fine art.

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