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And Now For Something a Little Different…

I have a very fun design client who is often looking for artwork that’s a little unusual, a tad edgy, and a bit unexpected.

Yehan Wang "Density-058"

Her typical request is, “I want it to look like it’s from the window of Anthropologie!” or “I want it to make me say, ‘huh?'”

Yehan Wang "Density-056"

That’s not the kind of artwork you see everyday. But work by this zatista.com featured artist, Yehan Wang, fits the bill.

Yehan Wang "Density-063"

Check it out. I really, really like it. Does it make you say, “huh?”

Yehan Wang "Density-057"

His sizes are terrific and he lives in Vancouver, BC, which brings me to my next point:

How about Shani Davis, Lindsey Vonn, and Shaun White? Talk about inspiring. Go Team USA!

cherikopp.com "God Bless (Patriotism Without Rigidity)"

cherikopp.com "God Bless (Patriotism Without Rigidity)" made with 100% repurposed materials: plastic caps and lids

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