Why buy original art from Zatista? We'll tell you here
What Can Be Bought and Sold on Zatista?

Zatista is being created as a destination where art buyers can find truly original works of art, as well as special limited and signed editions of “re-produceable” pieces. There are plenty of sites out there to buy prints created in unlimited numbers in the hundreds and thousands, but we aim to provide buyers with one-of-a-kind and truly unique works created by amazing artists.
In terms of the type of art you might find on Zatista, we are limiting it at this point to original fine and contemporary art, and photography. In general terms Zatista is focused on art for one’s wall.
Photography, digital works, woodcuts, and lithographs, as well as other works created in a format designed for reproduction are the exception to this rule. Reproduced items in this group are limited to 100 signed, and numbered prints from any single original image.

Some items which may not currently be listed include: jewelry, sculpture, knitted items, furniture & lighting, pottery & ceramics, clothing, blown glass, and quilts.
When considering the style of art on Zatista, we are working hard to make sure we have a wide range of styles and types, so there will be something for everyone who comes to the site.  From the novice buyer to the experienced collector, Zatista will be a premier destination to find, explore, and buy amazing original art.

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