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    General Questions

  • Much of my work is untitled, is it OK to list items as untitled?

    During the listing process you must provide some kind of title to your artwork. It is possible for you to title a work "Untitled", however we don't necessarily recommend it.

    When buyers are browsing the site, they will get previews of your artwork and by providing a title to your work, you may help a buyer who otherwise might pass it over to notice your item. It may also help them remember a particular work they looked at previously and were trying to look at again at a later time.

  • How do I add my images?

    In step 2 of the listing process you are provided with the ability to add up to 5 different images of the item you are listing. The "main" image should be a full shot of your item. It will also be the default view on the item page as well as used throughout the site on pages such as search or within a members "favorites". This main image should be a high quality image. Buyers on Zatista will be able to zoom in on the image to see details, so the bigger the better.

    You are also given the opportunity to add up to four additional images of your item. These can be used for a particular close-up area that you might want to show such as an area of texture or perhaps a close-up of the frame if it is framed. They should be used to give buyers a better sense of the details of the work.

  • What size and format images should I upload?

    Zatista is capable of accepting very large image files (up to 15 mb) and we encourage you to provide high quality images of your artwork. Images must be either JPG or PNG format and must be at least 100kb.

  • Are my images protected?

    Yes. Any time a high quality image is shown on Zatista, we will watermark the image for your protection.

  • What is the color picker?

    The color picker is a tool that helps connect a seller's artwork to a buyer's color-based search. A seller must select a primary and secondary color during the listing process. Once this selection has been made, Zatista is able to connect the seller's art with buyers particularly interested in those specific colors.

  • What if I my artwork cannot be categorized with the choices on Zatista?

    We understand that some artwork may not fit "neatly" into the categories we provide. We are constantly reviewing, and modifying our categories and listing-criteria to meet the needs of our marketplace. We invite comments and suggestions on how to enhance the experience. Please send suggestions to: [email protected].

  • What are tags?

    Tags are keywords, or terms that are assigned to a piece of information on our site (such as an image of artwork, or how you might describe your interests or styles on Zatista). Tags are chosen by a seller and help buyers find items when browsing or searching our site. Tags should be related to your work or your profile.

    Examples of art related tags: New England, Landscapes, Fall Foliage

  • I am new to photographing my work for sale on a web site. Do you have any suggestions on how to take quality images of my work?

    Taking quality images of your artwork is perhaps one of the most important aspects of successfully listing your art for sale on Zatista. In order to give the buyer the best possible view of the artwork, it is critical that images of the artwork are shot with the best possible image quality in mind.

    Here are some tips to keep in mind when photographing your artwork:

      • Artificial light tends to tint the image and not express colors properly, so it's best if you use natural light whenever possible (e.g. - a large window works well, or bring the artwork outside if possible).
      • If natural light is not possible, make sure that any artificial light, or flash is diffused so there is no glare in the image (using a flash will create hot spots and tends to distort the colors, so we discourage use of flash unless shot by a professional).
      • Set image compression on your camera to the highest quality/resolution. Zatista will take very large image sizes (up to 50MB) so do not worry about uploading high-quality, or super detailed images.
      • If you are photographing something small or need a close-up, set your camera to "macro". This will allow you to get close and stay in focus.
      • Using a tripod will reduce blurring and is recommended. If a tripod is not available, try shooting from the "top-down" by placing the artwork on the floor or a table and taking the shot directly above it. The more directly you are in front of the image, the more likely the shot will be square.
      • Zatista will accept fairly large sized images for upload to the site (up to 15MB), but we do have a minimum size requirement to ensure quality and image clarity which is 1MB. Images must be in JPG format as Zatista will not accept GIF, or AI files.

  • Setting Prices

  • How should I price my items?

    We understand that pricing artwork can be difficult. Here are some things to think about when pricing your items:

      • While price is certainly not the only factor in a buyer's decision to purchase an item, it is one of the more important ones. A buyer is likely to have the choice of artwork from various artists, and these will likely have different prices.
      • Consider how your items are priced relative to similar items on the site.
      • Use your experience in pricing items from sales you have made in your area or at shows or fairs where you have exhibited.
      • Zatista will be bringing both experienced collectors and novice buyers alike to the site. Pricing your work so that it is accessible to both new and existing buyers is important to consider.

  • Can I list my items in a currency other than US Dollars?

    Yes. By using the country selector at the top right of any page you may set your local country. When you do this, you will be able to provide prices and dimensions in your local units of measure. When buyers look at your items, we will automatically show them prices based on their country setting taking into account current exchange rates.

    When you sell an item and get paid, you will receive funds into your Pay Pal account based in US dollars on the day your payment is made. At this point, you can withdraw those funds based on Pay Pal's exchange rate.

  • Is my contact information made public on the Zatista site, or my Zatista Artist Profile?

    In order to protect the privacy of our community, we allow contact information to be exchanged between a buyer and seller once a sale has been made. Posting contact information within a listing, or on an artist profile page violates the Zatista User Agreement and action will be taken to remove the listing, or the seller from the site depending on the nature of the violation.

    Personal information in your artist profile, or on your "Item Detail" page (i.e. - e-mail, phone number, PayPal address, and street address) is not shown publicly.

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