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Jeff and Shay Barfoot Bee Things – Shay Ometz and Jeff Barfoot
Shay and Jeff love to design, illustrate, and print things that make them happy. They hope to make the people who see their images a bit happier, too. Bee Things reflects: As artist Jim Henson once said, “My hope still is to leave the world a bit better than when i got here.” See more >
Darren Thompson Darren Thompson
Commercial illustrator turned painter, Darren Thompson’s passion about his subjects is undeniable. Darren’s paintings reflect our universal interest in human nature and a keen understanding of the human figure. His painterly and expressive scenes gracefully depict intimate moments of daily life. See More >
Georganna Lenssen Georganna Lenssen
Georganna is an artist who creates from a place of deep empathy. Through dedicated work with African wild dogs at the local zoo, feral cat colonies, and years corresponding with inmates, Georganna translates her personal experience with her subjects onto the canvas. See More >
Kevin Brewerton Kevin Brewerton
Kevin Brewerton is an artist who creates through the eyes of a fighter. After winning five world kickboxing championships, Brewerton turned to art as a way of expression outside of the ring. “Fighting is an art form, life is an art form. Everything is art…” See More >