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Flower Bombs 🌼
Flower Bombs 🌼

Installation by Lewis Miller in NYC. Credit: Lewis Miller Design. Image: New York Times

According to this New York Times article, flower bombing is a thing. Unfortunately, I’ve not had the pleasure of coming upon an installation in my city, but I would love to. Not lasting as long as graffiti, this type of street art is quite temporary and finds value in it’s ability to be changed by nature as well as the city around which it’s installed.

A few artists mentioned in the article creating installations are shown below. In addition, artists like Rebecca Louise Law and Azuma Makoto also work with flowers, plants, and organic materials as their artist’s medium with amazing results.

Tina Libby, a freelance florist, bedecking a Philadelphia statue with roses. Credit: Rick Kaufmann

Wreath by Loose Leaf – Botanical Design. Image via The New York Times

Artist Geoffroy Mottart Image: geoffroymottart.com/

I don’t know about you, but seeing art like this just puts a smile on my face! It reminds me of some of our great florals here at Zatista.com.

Chrysanthemums by David McCrae Photograph, Archival Ink Jet 8 x 10, $210

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