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Women In Art

Have you seen Wonder Woman yet? Don’t worry, there won’t be any spoilers here. If you haven’t had a chance to see it, I highly recommend it. It’s an incredible movie. Wonder Woman, also known as Diana – Princess of the Amazons, is a strong and influential character. The movie inspired me to check out some pieces on that portray themes of strength, beauty, and confidence.

Dreams and Secrets by Christine Cousineau $1,443

This piece showcases strength in a way that may not be immediately obvious. The artist, Christine Cousineau, describes the gaze of the young woman as being “directed to the viewer … on first glance she appears open. On consideration it seems clear that there is more going on. She is protecting her dreams and her secrets.” Why must she protect her dreams and secrets? Someone hiding their dreams from the world could be doing such a thing to protect others that they care about in their life. To me, this shows strength. It takes a strong person to put others’ lives before their own. It must be a difficult thing to have to endure, but if it is for the sake of someone they care about, I understand why they would choose to do it. They could also be doing this because they want to escape judgment and ridicule that they may have experienced in their past. I believe that someone who has experienced the pain of bullying or judgment is stronger in the end.

Portrait in White Dress by Katia Bellini $2,175

There is something beautiful in mystery, don’t you think? This oil painting by Katia Bellini is as mysterious as it is captivating. The fact that the subject is not facing the viewer creates mystery. Her white dress flows beautifully around her and is contrasted with her dark, masculine boots. The subtle breeze that seems to catch her hair creates a feeling of effortless beauty. Her dress is covering the seat that she is sitting on so it almost appears as if she is floating, giving her an angelic quality.

The Writer by Dominique Amendola $2,000

I think this piece exudes an aura of confidence and even playfulness – the colors and subtle patterns make it light-hearted and fun. The bold stance of the author and her fixed gaze demonstrate confidence and determination. “The Writer” is determined to finish whatever she is working on. She looks confident in her abilities even though she may have stopped to think about what it is that she wants to write. The familiar way she holds her quill and grasps the napkin by her side shows that she has been in this position before. She appears to be deep in thought but is confident that her muse will come to her any moment now, while we are left with suspense and wonder.

Tendencies – Blue Abstract by Cristina Stefan $1,457

I thought it would be fun to add a bonus piece that was more connected with the appearance of Wonder Woman than with the themes I got from the film. In this abstract red, white, and blue piece, the colors reminded me of Wonder Woman’s classic costume. So, if you haven’t seen Wonder Woman yet this summer, I hope this encourages you to go and see it! It’s a great movie for kids and adults alike. I also hope that you discover an artwork here on that you are able to connect with on a deep and personal level. I encourage you to browse around until you find that piece that speaks to you!

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Museum of Ice Cream

Image @jagoldklang via

If you live in the Los Angeles area, have you been to the Museum of Ice Cream (MOIC)?  The pop-up art installation is extending its dates in Los Angeles through Oct. 16.

Image @iamfashionlaine via

An Instagrammers paradise, MOIC has received phenomenal attention – each time tickets are issued, they sell out within a day.

Image @kyliejenner via

With installations such as a swimming pool of sprinkles, a banana room, a popsicle room, a lot of hot pink phones, a visit to MOIC makes for miles of smiles and a fun filled photo shoot with the family.

Image @katiegibbsphoto via

Check out #museumoficecream on social media. 

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What’s On Your Summer Reading List?

Books Like Birds by John Flatz $460

Your kids may be participating in a summer reading program through your local library or book store, but do you have a summer reading list?

Reader by Steven Boksenbaum $90

More and more, I find it hard to grab extra moments for reading, even though reading is one of my favorite past times.

Read a Good Book by Stacy Rajab $64

Whether it’s a few minutes before falling asleep, or a half hour in the still of the morning before the rest of the house stirs, try finding time this summer for a good book, or three.

Earthbound by Judith Harvey $866

Especially if you aren’t going out of town over summer, a good book can transport you to magical places!

Grandmother-Granddaughter by Peter Laughton $425

And speaking of being transported to magical places, here’s some great original artwork that might just transport you to a lovely land where there’s plenty of time to read a good book! 

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Summer’s Almost Here!

SUMMER BREEZE by Inna Lazarev $935

By now, kids must be out of school for the summer. Do you know anyone that’s still in school? With the official first day of summer just over one week away, I’m feeling energetic. Are  you?

Saturna Summer by Perry Haddock $1,749

I hope everyone has some fun plans in store over the next couple months whether it’s beach time, visiting friends or family, exotic trips to far away lands or good old fashioned stay-cations.

Summer House by Elizabeth Snelling $815

Watermelon by Stephanie Berry $200

Summer is time to relax, sleep in, read books, explore and be creative in all the ways we can imagine. Here’s some great and hopefully inspiring art to help us all kick off summer with a bang!

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Pet Portraits

Philip and Friends by Stephanie Berry $775

Is summer the time when you leave home and travel? Or do you and your kids tend to spend more time at home over the summer?

Mother and baby bulldog by Brian Nash $1,440

If it’s the latter, do you ever wonder if your pets are happier in the summer because the get to see more of you? Pets are such a comfort to have around and of course, I miss ours terribly when we leave home.

Portrait of a Westie by Edward Fielding $375

Mimi Petting The Cat by Dominique Amendola $600

I never had a dog until recently, but now I can’t imagine a living life without a pet. It makes me happy to have pet art around the house as well. Doesn’t just the sight of a furry friend put a smile on your face?

Solid Gold Cat by Dwayne Wolff $80

“Cat Nap” by Paulo Jimenez $2,250

Considering giving a commissioned portrait of your pet(s) to a loved one. What better way to celebrate these precious members of our families. Check out our great collection of pet portraits at our friendly on-line gallery,!