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Artists to Watch July 2020 Artists to Watch July 2020
Zatista is home to some of the top emerging and established artists from around the world. Our curated gallery features works from artists from over 40 countries! When you order an original painting or work of art from Zatista, you’re helping us to support working artists.   You won’t want to miss these artists to […]
Summer Art Roundup Summer Art Roundup
With summer here, we’re embracing warm weather, longer days and endless fun. Summer is a time for fun, connection and relaxation. When it comes to summer-inspired art, these artists have managed to capture the essence of the season in their paintings – the joy of warmth, through bright colours and captivating imagery.    Check out […]
The Guide to Choosing Art for Every Room The Guide to Choosing Art for Every Room
Buying art for your home is exciting – it’s a way to make your space feel more like yours and inject some of your own personality into your home. Your home is uniquely yours, so it makes sense to make it more comfortable with unique artwork. It’s a great way to express yourself. The art […]
Abstract Expressionism Abstract Expressionism
Abstract expressionism was born in the 1940s in New York City, and the art style remains adored today by both artists and art collectors. Characterized by expressive, gestural brush strokes, abstract expressionist art pieces are known for their impression of spontaneity and impulse.    The Birth of a Movement After the second world war, a […]