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The Solar Eclipse of 2017

Sun Magnet by Robert Musser $1,950

Are you excited for this year’s solar eclipse? It’s scheduled to happen on August 21, 2017.

Black Moon by William London $320

Appropriately nicknamed the “Great American Total Solar Eclipse”, it will darken skies all the way from Oregon to South Carolina.

Selenic Luminescence by Carrie MaKenna $2,600

Will you be in the ‘path of totality’? That’s the area that will experience complete darkness. It is where the moon will fully cover the sun for a few minutes.

Sailor’s Delight by Karin Lowney-seed $620

If not it’s expected that all of North America, parts of South America, Africa, and Europe will at least see a partial eclipse.

65 Degrees by Derek Olson $6,829

Either way, this is going to be a mystical day! Why not discover a painting here on Zatista to commemorate such an unforgettable experience?

For more information about the Great American Total Solar Eclipse, see:

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Is It ‘Back to School’ Time Already!?

School Traffic, Toront, CA by Helal Uddin $787

Where has summer vacation gone? It really flew by this year! July 4th felt like it was only a few days ago, not more than a month ago.

Schoolhouse Rainbow by Allan O’Marra $1,809

I hope you all have had a wonderful summer vacation. Are some of you starting to go back to school shopping for yourself or for your kids? I know I’m going back to school in just a few days!

The ABC’s by Brian Nash $2,800

Have you started seeing the back to school commercials yet on TV? I know they used to make me feel so sad because that was how I could tell summer vacation was almost over.

Reader by Steven Boksenbaum $90

This year, I’m looking forward to the school year. How are you all feeling about it? I actually found myself missing school while I was on vacation this year.

Still Life With Mannequin Hand by Leon Sarantos $550

Learning is fun and rewarding. It’s a privilege to have a good education and I think that some of us don’t realize this until much later on in our lives. Plus, in school you get to see your friends, make new friends, and even discover new interests. So, get excited for this school year and make this your best year yet.

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Cindy Sherman on Instagram

According to Wikipedia, artist Cindy Sherman is an American photographer and film director, best known for her conceptual portraits exhibited at the most notable museums around the globe.

A post shared by cindy sherman (@_cindysherman_) on

Jason Farago at the New York Times writes, “… the photographer Cindy Sherman — who knows more than most about the deceptions of selfies — has quietly been exploring Instagram’s potential for something more than self-promotion. She created a private account on the service last October while in Tokyo; last week, without warning, she unlocked her account and changed her handle to @_cindysherman_. (She originally went by @misterfriedas_mom, in honor of her pet macaw.) At a stroke, she revealed not only quotidian ’grams of sunsets and lunches, but also more than three dozen distorted selfies, deformed by unnatural smudges, copious flares and kaleidoscopic reflections.”

Who me?!

A post shared by cindy sherman (@_cindysherman_) on

Farago continues, “I can’t say why she decided to make public the nearly 600 photographs on her account, but I’ll call it an act of generosity from an artist who is less outgoing than most Instagram hounds. Her new mobile selfies are by turns outlandish, hilarious and poignant. They demystify the influences and experiments of a great artist, even as they also point to the gap between Ms. Sherman’s vital, unsettling practice of sideways self-portraiture and the narcissistic practice of selfie snapping.”

Feeling all bubbly?

A post shared by cindy sherman (@_cindysherman_) on

If you’re on Instagram, you like Cindy Sherman’s work, or at the very least, you’re interested in contemporary art, check out Sherman’s feed or follow. I’m a combination of bewildered, amused and intrigued each time I see one of her photos!


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Color Factory, San Francisco

Image via:

If you’re anywhere near San Francisco this summer, get yourself to the Color Factory! Here is how they describe themselves:
A Pop-Up Experience in San Francisco. This two-story interactive exhibition celebrates color and material, featuring work by some of our favorite artists and collaborators: Jacob Dahlgren, Tom Stayte, Geronimo Balloons, Tosha Stimage, Stanton Jones, Andrew Neyer & Andy J. Miller, Carissa Potter, Jessica Hische, Rebecca Wright, Randi Brookman Harris, Leah Rosenberg and Erin Jang.

Image via:

Lose yourself in 10,000 colored ribbons, sink into a giant yellow ball pit, catch some rainbows, smell colorful memories, and taste a spectrum of treats from our favorite stops in San Francisco. The pinks will delight you, the blues will amaze you, the yellows might make you hungry. Put on your favorite hue and come to us for color!

Image via:

According to Curbed SF – From a sun-kissed yellow ball pit and rainbow staircase to a vivid 10,000-ribbon grid and pastel-tinted windows, this pop-up event is a must for anyone looking to travel inside a rainbow. Expect to see images of this space on Instagram for the next few weeks. Color Factory runs until August 31, open every day except Wednesday, from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Tickets are $32 and available at

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Bright & Beautiful Pastels

Bingata 2015 by Mineko Yoshida $1,030

While out walking my dog this morning, I came across some gorgeous pastel pink flowers. Their color inspired me to look at the beautiful pastel pieces we have on Zatista. I discovered some pieces that were so bright, they almost had a neon quality to them!

Red Bird #3 by Myron Gilbert $3,220

Others seemed to be inspired by nature, just as I was.

Landscape 17 by Edward Zelinsky $1,135

Many were abstract and used an attractive pastel color palette to draw attention to the piece.

Thinking of Lava 2 by Karen Mortensen $1,200

Others seemed to tell their own stories even if I wasn’t too sure what they meant.

Bay Breeze by Judy Jacobs $1,170

All of the pieces I found were beautiful pastels that bordered on being both delicate and bold. Although the colors might be light, they surely do a great job of capturing my attention! So what pastel pieces can you find here on Zatista? And what themes in nature do they remind you of?