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Summer Rain

Highway on the rain by Helal Uddin $1,039

I don’t know about you, but here in the American Southeast, we get a lot of rain in the summer.

Turquoise Rain in Soho New York by Chin H Shin $5,200

About once per day we get a rain shower, or a least a thunder storm and some lightning. We also get a lot of sun showers, which makes it hard to tell when the rain is coming. All of this may only last a couple hours, so it doesn’t always change the course of your whole day, but it still may put a dent in your pool time or your plans to walk the dog.

Rain by Regina Valluzzi $1,375

This rain is what keeps the south so lush and green during the summer months. In California where I grew up, the hills and foliage are dry in the summer due to heat and lack of rain. So, when I moved to the South and experienced the lushness of summer, it took some getting used to.

RAINS END Victor Roschkov $2,330

As I write this, it’s pouring rain outside of one window and at the same time I can see blue skies outside another window in the same room. Curious these summer storms! I hope wherever you are, you are having a great summer!

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How Was Comic-Con?

Never Too Late – Original Abstract painting Modern by Tom Fedro $2,430

How many of you got to attend Comic-Con this weekend in San Diego? I wish I could have joined you!

SUMMERSLAM by JD Deardourff $160

It really seemed like it was a blast.

It’s Complicated by Sergio Lazo $2,050

Now that it’s passed – for all of you fantasy, comic, and character fans we’ve got plenty of art you’d appreciate here on!

Another bomb by Brian Nash $580

Whether you’re a member of the dark side, or a true superhero fan, we have plenty of character-inspired pieces for you to choose from.

The Joker by Anyes Galleani $2,095

Con Artist by Jeff Schaller $315

So don’t worry if you were unable to attend Comic-Con this year, there’s always next year. Don’t forget – you can always show your love for comics and pop-art by finding the perfect original artwork for your home. Wink, wink!


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Art for Techies

Large Computer Chip, 2009
by Rose Briccetti

Would you consider yourself a ‘tech-savvy’ person? Have you embraced the new technology and social media of today? If you said yes, why not showcase your love of tech by purchasing some tech inspired artwork? We have plenty of pieces to choose from here on

Social Media Girl by Cameron Holmes $1,331

There are so many different kinds of social media these days that it would take far too long for me to list them all. It doesn’t stop at Instagram or Facebook, there are live streaming apps like Periscope, dating apps like Tinder, cooking apps, travel apps, you-name-it apps. It seems as if there’s an online community for just about anything!

Emily and the television (medium) by Vikram Kushwah $1,456

Although there are amazing new and modern technologies like Smart TVs and drones, I’ve noticed that there still is an appreciation for older technology as well. For example, turntables are still being sold and vinyl records have been in demand in my area.

Woman Using Mobile Phone on Hollywood Boulevard by Warren Keating $1,500

It’s all too common now to see people glued to their technology. I constantly see people texting while crossing the street or while eating out at restaurants. I often see groups of people not communicating with each other even though they are sitting right next to each other. Instead choose to be on their cellphones. Do you find yourself guilty of doing any of these things?

Quantum Archetype by Stefan Nenov $5,997

It has been interesting seeing the new changes and modernization of technology as I get older, and it is certainly something I appreciate. We have come a long way from our huge old desktop computers to our tiny, thin laptops.

Approaching by Lisa H Ridabock $1,295

But maybe you find that sometimes you need a break from all of this technology, which is understandable. Maybe you would rather find an artwork here on Zatista that features nature rather than tech? It can be your own personal oasis!

Whether you appreciate technology or you’re longing for a break from it all, we’ve got original art for you. Hop onto your device and shop today at!

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Hey, Text Me Some Art!

Photo via SFGate: SFMomA Text Send Me Art

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art has nearly 35,000 piece of art in its collection. According to SFMOMA’s webiste, “If you were to walk past each artwork currently on view, you would walk almost seven miles. To show the museum’s entire collection at once would require the construction of another seventeen SFMOMAs and you would need to walk the equivalent of 121.3 miles to see each piece.”

The museum asks: “In a world oversaturated with information, we asked ourselves: how can we generate personal connections between a diverse cross section of people and the artworks in our collection? How can we provide a more comprehensive experience of our collection?’

According to the SFMOMA website: “Enter Send Me SFMOMA. Send Me SFMOMA was conceived as a way to bring transparency to the collection while engendering further exploration and discussion among users. Send Me SFMOMA is an SMS service that provides an approachable, personal, and creative method of sharing the breadth of SFMOMA’s collection with the public.”

Photo via

Text 572-51 with the words “send me” followed by a keyword, a color, or even an emoji and you’ll receive a related artwork image and caption via text message. For example “send me the ocean” might get you Pirkle Jones’ Breaking Wave, Golden Gate; “send me something blue” could result in Éponge (SE180) by Yves Klein; and “send me 💐” might return Yasumasa Morimura’s An Inner Dialogue with Frida Kahlo (Collar of Thorns). Each text message triggers a query to the SFMOMA collection API, which then responds with an artwork matching your request.

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Art for Food Lovers❤

Watermelon by Anne Lively $175

One thing I love about summer vacation is the time you get to go on new and exciting food adventures! Whether it be from county fairs, food trucks, or fancy restaurants, I am always looking to try new things.

Pepper Upper by Dwayne Wolff $125

UOVO by Lucia Bergamini $1,200

On, we have plenty of artwork perfect for all of my fellow foodies out there. Are you that person who prefers breakfast food, no matter what time of day or night?

Chocolate is good for you by Livia Mosanu $360

Or are you someone with an insatiable sweet tooth?

Good Vibrations by Barbara Andolsek $445

No matter what kind of foodie you are, we have something that you’ll love here on Zatista. Perfect for kitchens and dining areas, we have plenty of food inspired paintings and photographs in a variety of styles and price points. Shop our delicious options today!