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Art of Trains

Elliotsville by Stephanie Berry $1,500

Lucky me, my neighborhood has a train that runs right through the center of town. Do you have a local train in your life too?

Cotton Belt by Steve Knotts $925

Ours is not a passenger train – it’s a freight train and it comes all hours of the day and night. And yes, you guessed it, it blows its horn every time it rolls through town. Luckily, I’ve gotten used to the sound of the train whistle and it no longer wakes me up in the middle of the night.

Train Coming Over by Michael Wilson $3,250

Fourteen – Train Graffiti by Jon Bidwell $99

Just over one block away, the sound is loud yet also comforting. I like hearing the sound of the train and its whistle – it makes me feel like I live in a small, old fashioned kind of place.

Super Chief by Dwayne Wolff $950

If you’re fond of trains, take a look at some of these great works by our Zatista artists. Judging by the variety of offerings in our gallery, trains are popular and nostalgic subject matter. Browse our walls for original artwork you can take home today!

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5 Art Exhibits To See NOW Outside the US

List compiled via

Andrew Bush Woman waiting to proceed south at Sunset and Highland boulevards, Los Angeles, at approximately 11:59 a.m. one day in February 1997 Series Vector Portraits, 1997

“Autophoto” at the Fondation CartierOpening on April 20th, 2017
Thirty years after the exhibition Hommage à Ferrari, the Fondation Cartier will once again focus its attention on the world of cars with the exhibition Autophoto dedicated to photography’s relationship to the automobile.

Image via

“Imperial Splendors” of Chaumet at the Meridian Gate of The Imperial City, Beijing. April 11 – July 2, 2017
The major creations of the imperial and royal courts, from the Consulate to the Second Empire, are presented, as are the illustrious figures who commissioned them: Napoleon I, who chose the founder of Chaumet, Marie-Etienne Nitot, to magnify his symbols of power, the Empress Josephine, whose immense taste for jewellery is reflected in the ceremonial parures adorned with pearls and diamonds often sourced from the Crown Diamonds; and the Empress Marie-Louise, the instigator of neo-classical jewellerys golden age. The reign of Napoleon III and Eugenie is a moment of glory for the Maison at the Expositions Universelles where its creativity shines on an international stage and opens the way for expansion.

Image via: Palazzo Grassi

“Treasures From The Wreck of the Unbelievable” at Palazzo Grassi April 9 – August 31, 2017
Palazzo Grassi and Punta della Dogana present “Treasures from the Wreck of the Unbelievable”, a new project by British artist Damien Hirst that will run across both venues. Damien Hirst’s latest project has been ten years in the making. The exhibition is curated by Elena Geuna, curator of the monographic shows dedicated to Rudolf Stingel (2013) and Sigmar Polke (2016) presented at Palazzo Grassi. This will be the first major solo show dedicated to Damien Hirst in Italy since the 2004 retrospective at the Museo Archeologico Nazionale in Naples.

David Hockney Portrait of an Artist (Pool with Two Figures) 1972 Private Collection © David Hockney Photo Credit: Art Gallery of New South Wales / Jenni Carter

“David Hockney” until May 29, 2017 at the Tate Britain
One of the most popular and influential British artists of the twentieth century returns to Tate Britain for his most comprehensive exhibition yet. This exhibition gathers together an extensive selection of David Hockney’s most famous works celebrating his achievements in painting, drawing, print, photography and video across six decades.

Bruce Conner. SPIDER LADY HOUSE, 1959. Wood, nylon, ice skate, doll parts, rope, jewelry, feathers, animal hair, corks, wallpaper and paper on wood. Oakland Museum of California Collection. Donation from the Collectors Gallery and the National Endowment for the Arts ©Bruce Conner, VEGAP, Madrid, 2016

Bruce Conner, “It’s all True” at Museo Reina Sofia, Madrid, February 22 – May 22
Bruce Conner (1933, McPherson, Kansas – 2008, San Francisco) is one of the most pre-eminent American artists from the second half of the twentieth century. This exhibition, the first to present his work in Spain, brings together more than 250 works which span his fifty-year career. Conner’s work emerged from the California art scene and addressed wide-ranging questions concerning American society in the post-war era: from the burgeoning consumer culture to the dread of nuclear apocalypse. In his work he cultivated alternate mediums – now the hallmarks of 21st-century art – adopting different techniques and often creating hybrid pieces midway between painting and sculpture, film and performance, drawing and printing.

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Fabulous Hats

Photo credit: Bill Cunningham 2014, The New York Times

I don’t know about you, but I had no idea how fabulous the hats were a the New York City Easter parade! Regardless of your religious beliefs, these hats are worth a look. Mixed in with the photos is some great original artwork from our gallery, also on the subject of hats. I might just take a cue from these photos and start planning my Halloween costume early this year!

Photo credit: Ken Buffa via NBC New York

Unresolved Mystery by Fikry Botros $530

According to “The NYC Easter Parade is  ‘fashion meets fantasy’ affair. Irving Berlin memorialized the event in the 1948 musical with Fred Astaire, Judy Garland, Peter Lawford and Ann Miller, but the New York Easter Parade tradition goes back to a much earlier time. “In your Easter bonnet, with all the frills upon it,
You’ll be the grandest lady in the Easter parade!

Photo credit: Ken Buffa via NBC New York

THE RED HAT by Tom Miller $1,829

The Easter Parade is a New York tradition that dates back to the middle of the 1800s. The social elite would attend services at one of the 5th Avenue churches and parade their new fashions down the Avenue afterwards.

Photo credit: Charles Eckert via

Hats by Brian Nash $885

The less well to do would come to see what the latest trends were. Many handy seamstresses found inspiration for their client’s wardrobes at the parade. It was a combination of religious services and haute couture in the days before TV, when only the wealthiest New Yorkers could attend the hottest Paris fashion shows.

Photo credit: Charles Eckert via

Woman with Blue Hat by Naoko Paluszak $975

While there is still some fashion involved in the spectacle, the modern version tends to be more fantastic. Live birds nest in bonnets of real flowers and pets are dressed in the latest 5th Avenue doggy wear.

Patricia “Purely” Fox, of Manhattan, shows of her Easter bonnet, that she said took 20 hours to make, at the Easter Parade and Bonnet Festival, Sunday April 16, 2017, in New York. (AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews)

The flamboyant headgear and costumes are paraded down the Avenue to the delight of onlookers. You don’t need a special outfit to join in the fun. Anyone can step out and stroll down the Avenue.”


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5 Art Exhibits To See NOW In the US

From – “The Most Exciting Museum Shows Around the US in 2017”:

Jasper Johns, Set elements for Walkaround Time, 1968. Collection Walker Art Center, T. B. Walker Acquisition Fund, 2000.

“Merce Cunningham: Common Time” at the Walker Art Center and the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, February 8–September 10, 2017
Set to be presented simultaneously in both Minneapolis and Chicago, this show promises not just 35 years of clips of dance performances by the famed choreographer, but also in-depth explorations of Cunningham’s epoch-making art collaborations, from John Cage and Robert Rauschenberg to Andy Warhol and Charles Atlas.

A(n) Office, Promised Land Air, 2016. Rendered aerial perspective of industrial studios with pneumatic freight, housing, air-purification network, and a Canadian consulate. Speculative project for Mexicantown/Southwest Detroit seen in The Architectural Imagination, an exhibition for the United States Pavilion, Biennale Architettura 2016, Venice. Courtesy A(n) Office.

“The Architectural Imagination” at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Detroit, February 11–April 23, 2017
Re-presenting last year’s US pavilion for the Venice Architectural Biennale, “The Architectural Imagination” offers a dozen speculative architecture projects designed to respond to the condition of Detroit, plus, in this incarnation, the promise of four actual architectural interventions into Motor City itself

Painted Television in Apartment. Photo by Alexis Adler.

“Basquiat Before Basquiat: East 12th Street, 1979–1980” at Museum of Contemporary Art Denver, February 11, 2017–May 7, 2017
Public interest in artists doesn’t get more intense than that around Basquiat, and this showcase of the ephemera of the tragic NYC painter’s pre-fame life is sure to be a hot ticket.

Andrew Wyeth, The Stone Fence, 1946. Private collection.

“Cross Country: The Power of Place in American Art, 1915–1950” at the High Museum, Atlanta, February 12–May 7, 2017
A sweeping consideration of the image of rural America in art, with more than 200 works by some 80 artists, including N. C. Wyeth, Andrew Wyeth, Georgia O’Keeffe, Grant Wood, Thomas Hart Benton, Jacob Lawrence, Grandma Moses, Hale Woodruff, Bill Traylor, Ansel Adams, Dorothea Lange, Alfred Stieglitz, and Peter Sekaer.

Yayoi Kusama’s Aftermath of Obliteration of Eternity.

“Yayoi Kusama: Infinity Mirrors” at the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, Feb 23–May 14, 2017
A sure-fire crowd-pleaser that brings together the Japanese artist’s “full range of unbridled creation” and includes no less than six of her popular mirrored environments.

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Spring Holidays

Spring Blooms by S M McLean $399

It’s that time in early spring when holidays start rolling around.

Sunday Family Photo by Stephanie Berry $1,000

I love it because whatever your faith, this usually means family, friends, flowers, food, fun and frolicking around.

Strawberry Cake by John Kilduff $1,250

For some of us, we even start counting down the last several weeks of school before summer.

School Traffic, Toront, CA by Helal Uddin $746

I saw my first snake in the yard today – definitely not my favorite interaction with the natural world, but if I think really hard I can come up with worse.

Snoozing by Barbara Farren, CSPWC $761

If you find yourself with down time this coming weekend while the grandparents, aunts, uncles or cousins are occupying your kids, be sure to put your feet up and shop our on-line gallery for a minute or two. We’re pretty positive you’ll love what you see!