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March 12, 2013 | Posted by | No Comments

Move! Art + Fashion Mash-Up


MOVE!, a series of installations created by world renowned artists in collaboration with fashion designers, opened to the public at Sesc Belenzinho in São Paulo, Brazil on Saturday. In 2010, the first iteration of this art and fashion mash-up spectacular happened at the Museum of Modern’s Art’s MoMA PS1 in New York and lasted for 2 days.

Cynthia Rowley + Olaf Breuning photo:

This second time around, the festivities have grown into a 10-day interactive festival and the excitement is in Brazil. “We realized after P.S. 1 that the participatory events were the most successful,” says Curator Cecilia Dean via the blog, who has pushed for more engagement with the crowd this time around. “With Brazilians, it should be pretty fun.”

Cynthia Rowley + Olaf Breuning photo:

For example, visitors can put on a basic tunic designed by Cynthia Rowley while Swiss artist Olaf Breuning splashes them with buckets of paint to create instant, take-home fashion. That particular “movement”—as Dean, a Visionaire co-founder, and David Colman, an arts and fashion writer, calls each performance—is a beloved holdover from the original MOVE! in New York.

Cynthia Rowley + Olaf Breuning photo:

But most of the other acts are new and tailored to the São Paulo scene, such as the alliance of artist Vik Muniz and Calvin Klein designer Francisco Costa, two Brazilian powerhouses putting together a synchronized swimming performance that can be seen through the glass floor of the stupendously appointed SESC complex, according to

Cynthia Rowley + Olaf Breuning photo:

“It’s this crazy place where you can hang out in pool or the cinema or the cafeteria, but where you can also go get your dental work done,” Dean says of the sleek government-funded space. “They’re all about bringing cultural programming to the people, and we want to make the intimidating worlds of art and fashion really accessible and fun.” MOVE! runs from March 9 to March 19. Admission is free. Kind of makes you want to go to Brazil, doesn’t it?


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