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Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Snow Owl by Myron Gilbert $1,260

Is it just me, or did we skip over fall and plummet straight into winter? I don’t know about you, but it is COLD here! There is so much to love about the winter months though. The bare trees frosted over with ice, the warmth of a fire indoors, or the peacefulness of a deer on the lawn. What strikes you most about the cold of winter?

First Snow by Mark Hunter $315

There’s no question that we’ll have to wear layers for warmth during this season, but inside, we can relish in the coziness of our homes. Why not enjoy some beautiful winter art away from the cold?

Winter Abstraction by Marc Koller $260

“Winter Abstraction” by Marc Koller reminds me of looking through a kaleidoscope. It’s enchanting to the eye with its cool, winter colors and the snowflakes are perfect for the season.

Winter Wilderness by Jean Lurssen $165

To me, “Winter Wilderness” by Jean Lurssen is the epitome of what winter represents. The scene is peaceful and quiet, just like the season.

Winter Park by Nicholas Bell $212

It’s cold out and it’s only going to get colder. Grab some cocoa, start a fire, and enjoy some beautiful winter art from Zatista in your home!

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Feeling Fancy

Spot Oh Cream by Sydney Hall $2,595

Dressing up with pearls, out for tea and biscuits with friends, or a rich cup of coffee – what makes you feel fancy? There are plenty of ways to add a little spice to our lives. What is your guilty pleasure?

Tea for Two by Konnie Kim SOLD

“Tea for Two” by Konnie Kim can be an adorably fancy painting to display in your home. With delicate tulips and cups of hot tea, who wouldn’t feel a bit of the cozy “fanciness” in this painting?

The Birthday Girl by Therese Lydia Joseph $458.82

“The Birthday Girl” by Therese Lydia Joseph is another piece that exhibits the perfect amount of fancy. This is a little girl all dolled up for her birthday.

Pinot Noir by Skeet Sirmons $790

At home with friends or out on the town, wine can make some of us feel a little fancier. How about this painting by Skeet Sirmons, “Pinot Noir”?

Empress Exotica (Whimsical Exotic Woman) by Jayne Somogy $435.00

Whatever makes you feel a little fancier, why not display it in your home? Decorating with art like this from Zatista can make you feel just a tad more dressed up even when you’re sitting on the couch in your pajamas! Browse more of our fancy art today on Zatista.

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Seasonal Art

Four Seasons by Kruti Shah $300

Did you know there is art for every season? If you want to decorate for the holidays or add a splash of color on your walls to match the weather outside, Zatista has what you’re looking for. This holiday season, why not shop for art that represents your favorite time of year?

avocado and nude bleed by Lela Altman $2,450

Pastels are a beautiful statement of spring. Soft, calm colors are a quiet whisper of new beginnings.

Blue Boat by Anne Lively $245

Vibrant colors are the go-to for summer. Look for pieces like “Blue Boat” by Anne Lively with bright tones of orange and blue, or any other art that displays a fun summer activity.

Fall Colors by Cristina Stefan $2,066.68

For fall, the colors are rich and inviting. Deep reds and warm oranges, with touches of delicate yellows and browns. These colors feel cozy in my home when I decorate in autumn.

April Snow by Richard Szkutnik $340

Winter has shades all its own. In my book, cool tones beckon the warmth of a fire or cup of tea or hot cocoa.

Winter Sun by Susan Ulrich $2,750

Art is in the eye of the beholder, so how you decorate for the season is up to you. Make things fun and change it up at bit with ‘seasonal’ art from!

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Happy Thanksgiving

Tomatoes on an Orange Table Cloth by Rachael Florence $200

Here in the US, today is our big Thanksgiving holiday. Whether you are spending the day with family, friends, just yourself or with your furry pets, hopefully your day is filled with joy and relaxation.

The Classic Still Life by Rachael Florence $1,000

Since gratitude and food tend to be our focus on this holiday, we’ll show you some of our great food artwork – we have a lot of options in this genre in our on-line gallery. This style of original artwork looks great in a kitchen, breakfast nook or dining room!

“Apple Pie ala Mode” by Konnie Kim $290

Be sure to check out our options, which are sure to make your mouth water.Wherever you are today, we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving from!

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New Artists at Zatista: Are You Next?

Red Velvet Heaven by Stephen Cimini $950

Attention, artists – this blog is for YOU! We receive many messages and emails daily from artists who are interested in selling their work on Our online gallery boasts thousands of selections for customers to search, and we put much time and consideration into selecting art to add to our site. At Zatista, we are proud of the broad range of artwork offered.

Home Stretch by Robert LeMar $1,475

Choosing new artists for our site is a very lengthy process, all handled by our review team. Acceptance by our review team is based on a number of factors, including overall quality of work, general presentation of work, clarity of submitted images, and subject matter/style/medium/and pricing. Our customers enjoy having a large variety of art to choose from, so we try to take on new artists who can offer something unlike any other.

Deep Water – Lake Water by Lauren Adams $1,860

Have you put in the time, creatively articulated the details of your work, and are ready to sell with Zatista? Simply go to to submit your work for our monthly review. Will you be the next artist to show your work on