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Beautiful Places

Afternoon Light – Pescadero by Timon Sloane $475

The world is full of beautiful places. From cliffs overlooking crashing waves to intricately detailed architecture, stunning scenes can be found and brought to life through art.

Bagni di Lucca,Tuscany by william london $190

“Bagni-di-Lucca Tuscany” by William London captures Tuscany, one of the most breathtaking places on the planet. William uses watercolor to create this impressionist work of art and the outcome is Italy at its finest.

A Beautiful Place by Teddy Brown $650

“A Beautiful Place” by Teddy Brown might not be any place in particular, but it sure can take you somewhere – to a field filled with swaying wildflowers, without a care in the world – that alone is sheer beauty.

HEAVENLY LIGHT by Gordon Webb $170

Perhaps you find beauty in the simpler day-to-day things, like a stroll through the Vatican in Rome. “Heavenly Light” by Gordon Webb is a photograph framing the perfect light streaming through the windows.

Cliff’s Edge, Bay St by Frank Valdez $1,050

Every corner of the globe holds a place that can take your breath away. A busy train station or a silent field – beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Visit today to see some more beautiful places.

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Awesome Accent Art

Floral Garden by Anthony Dunphy $450

Accent colors in rooms can come in many different forms. From bold walls to patterned chairs, there are many different ways to make a room “pop.” What’s one of the best ways to add an accent color to your room? In my biased opinion – with art, of course!

Summer Bloom by Simon Fairless $424.86

Adding color to your room usually starts with a blank canvas. You might choose white walls with various pieces of art to tie in your color scheme. Here is some awesome red art – a great idea for a bold, warm color statement!

Ovis 2 by Will Eskridge SOLD

BYPASSES II by Frederik Jouke van de Siepkamp $6,075

Zatista has lots of “red” to choose from. Roses, abstract shapes, people and sculptures, just to name a few.

Mix in red and blue by Irjan Moussin $1,250

What room in your home is missing an injection of color? If there an area that seems drab and boring, find the color that speaks to you and add some accent art from Zatista!

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Art For The Spender

Beverly Hills In Bloom by Richard Scudder $50,100

Original artwork can fit any budget, but sometimes you might just want to splurge!

Spiral of Time. 3341 by Edi Apostu $24,380

Orange Satori (Satori VIII) by Bill Buchman $12,100

Maybe you’re looking for a “wow” piece, or maybe you find something you just can’t live without.

Taoist Follower, Llama Temple, Beijing, China by joel degrand $10,000

For the beginning collector, you might want to start with something big, bold, and powerful to anchor your future collection.

Two Horses by Donna Bernstein $11,300

Or maybe you’re looking for a conversation piece. If your budget is boundless, then the sky is the limit! Check out our options now. has what you’re looking for!

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Art On A Small Budget

Bright Orange Lines and Circles linoprint by Stacy Rajab $73

Did you know that you can collect awesome original art on a small budget? Zatista makes it easy for you – just search our website by dollar amount. All of the art shown here is less than $500.

Precinct by Andy Mercer $270.33

Octopus’s Garden by Marilyn Fenn $125

For the Michael Jackson fan, Tracy Burke created this piece for $293.

Michael Jackson Study by tracy burke $293

Looking to add a feminine touch to your home? How about “Rose 5” or “Sunflowers”? Both of these are also nice choices for a small budget.

Rose 5 by Raphael Sloane $150

Sunflowers by Sharon (Olga) Rodionov Shlitner $280

Whatever it is you’re looking for to complete your home, Zatista has options within your price range! Just enter your budget amount in our Browse function to see your options today.

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Art Caught In The Storm

Grassland Storm by Susan Hughes $95

There’s something amazing about stormy weather. When the sky turns dark and the wind starts to howl so you rush to shelter. When the first raindrop hits the glass on your window or falls onto your arm. When the downpour begins, the trees sway in a rhythmic motion, and you sit safely inside your little hideaway.

Into the Storm by Anthony dunphy $790

Storms are a beautiful, powerful thing. Capturing the strength of one is one of the best forms of art.

After the Storm by Alicia Pastiran $200

Desert Plants and Approaching Storm by Jim Lipschutz $375

The cascading darkness and the calm before the storm are some of my favorite moments, but the calm after the storm? Peaceful serenity.

Storm Surf by Tom Reed $320

Storm Watchers by Adam Regan $650

Bringing the weather into your home can be a subtle reminder of the beauty and power of nature. It’s also a great reminder that every storm in your life won’t last forever. J Check out more stormy art at!