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Art From The Clouds

Brooding Sky by Jean Lurssen $195

The ever-changing sky can be both beautiful and terrifying, sometimes both at once. It can display the most stunning of sunrises and sunsets, or entrance you with a brooding storm. The clouds can mystify you with their shapes, just as the lack of them can bring a sense of peace.

Northern Lights Over Mt. Hood by Liz Wade $245

A world of feelings and emotions can be brought about with one glance to the skies above. What is it about the sky that moves you? The presence of the moon, or the bright, glowing sun?

Moody Sky No 9 by Howard Danelowitz $4,200

Bringing imagery like this into your home can move you in big ways. It can remind you of just how huge this world is and can offer a serene sense of peace by including the beauty of the outdoors in your home.

Storm over the Cowichan by Linda Yurgensen $625

For more fabulous original art like this, browse our gallery at today!

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Google’s “Tilt Brush” App in the Art World

The art world has reached new heights in the realm of virtual reality. Google has created a new app called “Tilt Brush,” which basically allows artists the opportunity to revolutionize painting with the swipe of a brush, pressing the limits of what can be represented.

Image via CNN

“With the swipe of a digital brush users wearing a connected HTC Vive headset can paint life-sized, three dimensional strokes of just about anything – even drawing with impossible materials such as fire, snow and stars.”

Painting with fire! How cool is that? The app is making way into the fashion industry, too. Illustrators have the ability to paint with textured fabric such as denim, silk and cotton. The designers can then step around their work in progress to view it from every angle. Check it out and let us know what you think about Google’s new Tilt Brush!

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Spiritual Art in a Chaotic World

Yoga Series: Iconic by David Robinson $17,990

With the abundance of chaos in the news and the brokenness of our world today, many people find solitude, peace and comfort in the spiritual realm. Whatever your belief system is, art that embraces it can bring calming effects into your home in the mist of the storms around us.

ANGELOLOGY by Michele Morata $1,700

“Angelology” by Michele Morata is part of her “Angel Series.” This gorgeous oil painting depicts the wings of an angel in soothing colors. Morata says, “I believe spiritual art has powerful transformative and healing energy.”

Buddha III by Kruti Shah $100

Kruti Shah has a few paintings of Buddha, another spiritual inspiration. “Buddha-III” is inspired by the meaning of Buddha – the enlightened one.

Jerusalem – Western Wall by Kobby Dagan $1,800

Kobby Dagan captured a powerful spiritual photograph of a man praying at the Jerusalem wall.

Matthew 7:7-8 #061620 by Michel Keck $900

Whether you believe in a higher power or simply go to a quiet place to meditate and find solitude, spiritual art can be found in nearly any form. At Zatista, there is a wide selection of spiritual art to welcome into your home and take you away from the stress of the world.

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Art That "Moos" You

The Cows Come Home by Stephanie Berry $1,000

Images of cows are typically viewed as rustic and farm-like, perfect for the cozy country home or cabin. But did you know that the symbolism of this farmland creature has a deeper, grander meaning?

Campus Cows by Carol Steinberg $1,220

In many cultures, cows symbolize fertility and a nurturing aspect. This makes “udder” sense (pun intended), seeing as how cows have been quite generous with their life source for ages.

Blue-Ridge Morning by Teddy Brown $500

Evening Walk by Nonyelum Ekwempu $280

Other symbolic meanings of the cow include patience, nourishment, abundance, feminine power, potential, possibility, calm, groundedness, and provision. Many of these qualities contribute to its alignment as a lunar symbol among the Chinese yin-yang energies.

Ready to Meet by Sharon France $450

If you are into symbolic meanings or would like to add the feeling of any of the qualities listed above to your surroundings, look no further than images of the “art that moos” you! Even if your style is a little less rustic or country, cows are great for symbolism. Check out more great original artwork at

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Creating a Beachy Room

Coquina Beach N.C. by Thurston Howes $450

Have you taken a trip to the shoreline and listened to the crashing waves yet this summer? If you’re like me and can’t get enough of the beach and miss it year ’round, try re-creating a beachy theme room in your home. This popular room style gives you that same cool, relaxing feeling of being on vacation in the real world.

Beach Chair, Sans Beach (Realistic Porch Drawing) by Jayne Somogy $155

Babylon Beach Baby by Amy Bernays $2,600

You can start by choosing the right color pallet. Watery blues and greens, sandy tans, driftwood grays, different shades of whites, and pretty corals always add the right touch of the ocean.

Golden Beach by Peter Laughton $425

Without a Map, Ogunquit Beach by Gayle Fitzpatrick $655

Once you’ve found the perfect colors for your room, the fun of decorating begins! Zatista is home to some of the BEST beach art around. Tie your theme together with original artwork including shells, bikinis, or the simplicity of the ocean itself.

I’m the Greatest Star by Lorenzo Laiken $110

Sea Shells by Kathleen Ney $325

For more ideas on art and creating an awesome “beachy” room, visit our “Beachy” board on Pinterest or just search the many options on!


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